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You’ll Earn an Ongoing 30% Commission ($$$) Monthly When You Share Us to Your Audience Online & Our Team is Always Available to Support Your Marketing (We’ll Take Care of Converting Them Too). 🎉

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Marketing Wiki

By Sharing Us With Your Audience You’ll Have Something Brand-New to Talk to Them About Daily & BENEFIT From Our High-Converting Landing Pages, Follow-Up Sequences & Retargeting Efforts. 😎

Your Marketing Wiki (Bookmark Page)

If you’d like to make passive income ($$$) from marketing our Ambassador Program, this is going to become your “Bible.” It is the PERFECT resource for beginner-to-advanced marketers looking to use brand-new marketing tactics and strategies!

You need to BOOKMARK this page right now to continuously refine your marketing plan so you don’t have any false starts and missteps that come with doing it… we’ve made this easy to reference and update it frequently so don’t miss anything at all…

Ambassador Announcements

Marketing Collateral

The Purpose of Our Segmentation Collateral is to Help You ENGAGE With Your Audience to Participate in a Simple "Quizzes" to Let Us Know What They Want & Need the Most Right Now Within the Industry. 🤩

Deep Dive Quiz

Let's ask your audience what's their #1 challenge right now within the cannabis industry to provide us with VALUABLE information to segment them then we'll start marketing.

Deep Dive

Training Diagnosis

Send your audience this segmentation survey today so we can "analyze" responses & right away we will then recommend the very best option (with 20% OFF).


Canna Expertise

Assess your audience's expertise & it is now time to put their knowledge to the test right NOW by taking our quiz to learn how the cannabis industry is very different.


Dispensary Quiz

Dispensary Technicians (aka "Budtenders") are deep wells of cannabis knowledge & are a huge help to customers, who RELY on them to answer any questions on a daily basis.


Lead Magnets

These Are Some of Our Highest Converting Pieces of Gated Content & Roughly 96% of Everyone Who Takes a Lead Magnet Creates a FREE Account Getting You One Step Closer to a Paid Referral ($$$). 🥳

Industry Resources

GC Insider

Have your audience join the "GC Insider" newsletter so they'll get timely, TACTICAL industry updates delivered via email every Monday (PLUS included in our marketing).

Become Insider

Free Trial

Our "Free Trial" option is your premium access introduction to our engaging micro-learning from all your friends at Green CulturED, oh yeah & did we mention it is always FREE?

Get Started

Our Roadmap

Have your audience add & vote on NEW training "ideas" for our Instructional Design team to publish next & ensure our training solution meets learners' desired objectives.

Add Ideas

Industry Impact

We "give back" to military veterans & those who are disabled & this is how we align our true "soul" with much more IMPACT that inevitably delivers you (plus us) profits.

Give Back

Learning Centers

Cannabis Lovers

Promote Lab to your "casual learners" using our $1 trial for 3-days (then it's $47 / monthly fee) & this is our LOWEST-cost subscription that will create you a 100% residual income.

Love Lab

Industry Pros

If you promote Lab+ to your "industry professionals" audience using our $1 trial for 3-days access (then it's $97 / monthly) & this MID-cost subscription that will payout.

Become Pro

Team Leaders

Promote HQ to your "team leaders" using our $1 trial for 3-days access (then it's $147 / monthly tuition) & this is our HIGH-cost subscription that will continue to pay you.


For Enterprise

Promote our HQ+ to business owners & team leaders who need a total eLearning solution that's customized exactly to meet their training needs & we provide CUSTOM pricing.

Enterprise Solutions

Industry Certifications

Dispensary Agent

When you enter the dispensary or CBD store, Dispensary Technicians (aka "Budtenders") help patrons with products & educate them everything about cannabis.

Get Certified

Master Grower

As a master grower, you must possess extensive knowledge about cannabis cultivation from indoors to outdoors, using different growing systems, breeding & more.

Start Growing

Worker Safety

For the cannabis industry to maintain a safe workplace, workers need to complete basic safety & health education on the recognition & prevention of safety hazards.

Be Compliant

Training Strategy

You’ve finally found it… our "treasure map" to building an unstoppable professional career or business & we call it the "Cannabis Training Optimization Strategy."

Your Strategy

Sponsorship Request

Interested in Doing 100% Custom Marketing With Us? We're Partnering to Build Each Other's Audiences That'll  Accomplish Our Goals & EVOLVE Together to Meet Those "Ever-Changing" Cannabis' Needs. 🤓

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Grow Your Business...

One (1) of our (MANY) mottos that we have around here at Green CulturED: "Great partnerships are a result of support, solutions & strategies being all available at YOUR disposal"...

  • Require a customized solution(s)? We provide all of our partners a TOTAL solution so use all our "Ed-Tech know-how" & marketing tools for 100% custom needs!
  • Have something to recommend? If you read an article or any research that you think our team would like to review, we’d LOVE to hear your updates or feedback!
  • Need Ambassador Program help? You'll have white-glove onboarding to get you running fast & make you MORE money ($$$) from things you're already doing!
  • Did you publish content with us? Tell us the piece of content "name" or URL/link to give you CREDIT & we'll promote it to our "cannabis-loving" audience!
  • Want an update to your listing? Simply FILL out this form & we'll update your business directory listing information within 2 - 3 "business days" (or sooner)!
  • Thanks again for checking us out! Just let us know if there's any "potential synergy" to be a sponsor, but remember there's got to be a "HUGE idea" (or cause)! 

Remember, by SHARING us with your audience, you'll have something brand-new to talk about so benefit from our high-converting trials, follow-up sequences & retargeting efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If You’re Like MANY Marketers, You May Have Some Questions Since Affiliate Marketing is so Varied & for Anyone Starting it Can Be Downright Complicated.

Our Ambassador Program is open for anyone in the world to participate... but we require to you have a cannabis-related web presence with 5,000 or more individual email addresses or social followers. In order to receive your commissions, please read all about the requirements of our "Payouts Service" we use to send your money ($$$) since it VARIES so much by country right now.

Yes, absolutely! You must have a MINIMUM social following of 5,000 individuals in your audience, and there is NO limit to the number of commissions you can earn. If you have social reach then you can maximize your web presence and earnings as a major social influencer for us in the industry.

We offer a 30% recurring commission for the lifetime of a customer. With Learning Centers ranging from $47.00 USD / month to $147.00 USD / month so you can make anywhere from $14.10 - $44.10 USD per referral in monthly RESIDUAL (aka recurring) revenue ($$$)... so each month your income will increase very quickly when you promote our cannabis industry Learning Centers.

Or anyone (1) time enrollments into our hyper-focused, on-demand training to help individuals stay on top of the latest cannabis industry strategies and tactics... so, for example, is you direct someone to enroll in our Master Grower Certification (Tuition Cost is $597.00 USD) then your 30% referral commission would be $179.10 USD for each learner enrollment that you refer to Green CulturED.

Please remember... our "Payouts Service" is currently the only method of commission distribution for our Ambassador Program. We payout commissions within approximately thirty (30) days after the end of the month (commissions are typically issued within five (5) business days of the new month) in which the commission accrued provide you must have the following requirements:

  • Provided Green CulturED will all relevant tax information.
  • Have accrued at least fifty dollars ($50.00) in commissions.
  • Any refund period applicable to the Referred Customer’s purchase has expired.

Should a customer request a refund and we issue the refund, no commission will be paid to you. Our 3rd-party "Payouts Service" that we use to send Ambassador commissions charges a 3% processing fee and (the processor) charges fees for sending the funds, but this can vary based on the country where your bank account is located. Remember, you don't just get $$$ from us... but you are also supporting the growth of the industry, which is pretty awesome... at least we think so!

If you haven't already... take our free trial (click here), the FIRST STEP is to enroll in some of our eLearning solutions to get an idea of our "micro-learning" format. Take a look around our platform and get to know the features available so you can then use your "Affiliate URLs" to start referring.

When you join our Ambassador Program... you'll receive a unique affiliate link (aka "hop-links") to TRACK your referrals when you promote our eLearning solutions to your online audience:

Share Blog Posts, Videos & FREE Training

Use our content as a part of YOUR content strategy. The more you use our cannabis content to share with your audience, this will mean less time and media you'll have to write for your audience and all your marketing efforts.

Promote Our FREE Trials & Learning Centers

Maybe your audience is ready to just join our community at the premium level. Our trials roll over at about 50% so you’ll be generating passive REVENUE in no time from our exclusive Learning Centers and eLearning solutions.

Share Free Templates, Checklists & Guides

Love our eLearning solutions and other gated content? Use all of our email templates to share our landing pages and display website banners to your entire audience so together we can ASCEND them from a lead to a customer.

Exclusive Deals, Flash-Sales & Limited Offers

Let our promotional calendar become your promotional calendar. Promote our EXCLUSIVE offers and flash sales and get paid on the a la carte enrollments as well as Learning Centers from our follow-up marketing automation.

Promote Our Free Trial Account

We bundled all of our automation(s) into our FREE account where your referral will be prompted to take a Learning Center trial, in follow-up emails, and via re-targeting.

Action-Packed Content For Your Audience

We send out weekly cannabis industry updates and information for you to use... it is the PERFECT entry point for your audience to be introduced to our very exclusive community.

Nope, refer away! You have the ability to make UNLIMITED referral commissions ($$$), but always remember our Ambassador Program tracks your referral's cookies for 120 days. So you will always receive commissions if anyone ever comes back and completes any enrollments during the cookie's 120-days of tracking time... you will always receive 100% credit for the learners that you refer to us.

We offer a 120-day cookie life... this means that from link click to the close of a sale so if anyone you refer purchases or even takes a FREE trial (without clicking someone else’s link) then you’re the referrer of record. Once they’ve clicked on your Ambassador referral link, you always continue to get commissions for paid enrollments or until they cancel their monthly or annual Learning Centers.

Conversions are tracked... through your "Affiliate URLs" (aka affiliate "hop-links"), website banners from our "Creatives" and you can also configure your website link/URL using "Direct Links" functionality that is provided in your Ambassador Portal for tracking ALL your marketing efforts.

Go to... the "Referrals" section of your account in our Ambassador Portal, you can see the individuals who purchased from your marketing efforts and if you go to the "Statistics" you can review information about your learner referrals (ex. conversion rates, your campaigns, etc.).

Yes. We reserve the right to shut down any Ambassador account that promotes or portrays Green CulturED in a NEGATIVE way. Integrity and professionalism are incredibly important to us, and any nonsense or "blackhat" marketing will lead to immediate removal from our Ambassador program. See below for the six (6) most frequent reasons that could result in your Ambassador account being permanently shut down or suspended on our platform, be sure to not violate the following:

  1. Reported Fraud and Refunds Issued: If any referrals and subsequently paid enrollments are reported as FRAUD or if your referrals are always requesting refunds then you can be banned.
  2. Use of Logo or Trademark: The correct disclosure is required on EVERY page of your website that has Green CulturED or a logo is "Green CulturED and their logo are trademarks of, LLC, or its Ambassador Program participants."
  3. Incentives: Incentivizing people to CLICK on a link to Green CulturED is a slippery slope and a very easy way to get your account shut down. Including text like "Click here to get 10 dollars off this product" are no good to use in your Ambassador marketing efforts to promote us.
  4. Incorrect Use of Pricing or Product Images: Here is the general "rule of thumb" - DON'T include images from our platform or pricing, comparison tables are great but don’t include the price on your site because we change our prices all the time. Including an old promotion price without realizing that the promotion has expired could also be seen as "inaccurate or misleading advertising" which will also get your Ambassador Program's account shut down immediately.
  5. Link Cloaking: You will NOT cloak, hide, spoof, or otherwise obscure the URL of your website or social networks containing special links (including by use of redirecting links) or the user agent of the application in which content is displayed or used such that we cannot reasonably determine the site or application from which a customer clicks through such special link to our platform.
  6. Someone Banned Association: An account belonging to you (or a person or entity connected or affiliated with you) has previously been closed for violations of our operating agreement or one of our other marketing programs. The best way to avoid this is simple: Do NOT associate yourself with anyone who has had their account banned. If you associate yourself with someone who has had their account banned, it can result in you becoming banned from our Ambassador Program.

Yes! We do provide marketing campaigns and limited-time offers, but these are more of a suggestion than a mandate. You can add your unique "Affiliate URLs" (aka "hop-links") to ANY page on our website and a cookie will be placed in your referral's browser for tracking conversions.

If anyone you refer to requests a refund... for any valid reason, your commission will be removed from your Ambassador account for qualified enrollment cancellations whenever it is requested.

Our "Payouts Service" processes commissions... our Ambassadors are in dozens of different countries and you MUST have your bank account located in a supported country (but not live or reside there). We’re working hard to expand our support for more countries soon, below you will find the ones that are currently supported by our "Payouts Service" to receive your commissions:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Our "Payouts Service" takes no more than a few minutes to send your $$$ so we issue your commissions quickly after 30 days of each new month, Ambassadors will receive their earnings within 2 - 5 days in the United States and 7 - 14 days for other countries around the world.

When you apply to our Ambassador Program... all United States (US) citizens and businesses will be required to submit a fully completed W-9 Form (all other countries are exempt from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reporting requirements). If the W-9 Form is not fully and accurately completed, you will have to re-submit it before you can become an Ambassador and have any commission payments issued. You can find the instructions and required W-9 Form here: