An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.

– Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO

In the event of an accident at work, the first question you’ll be asked is: “Was the employee trained in this area?” By using a platform to store your employee’s training records, you get unparalleled service and security. All your training data is located on a single, secure, customer code-base with reports available on demand for cannabis compliance reporting.

That means in real-time, with “just one click” you can:

  • Track results
  • Compliance status
  • Training details
  • Protect valuable data

Having on-demand access to reports is important because:

  1. You can see what objectives have been completed and what still needs to be completed by your team to ensure compliance.
  2. Provide the necessary documentation for accreditation, safety inspections, and potential audits after an accident from federal, state, and local regulatory agencies for cannabis compliance reporting.


Can You Answer: “Were They Trained On It?”

What makes reporting so difficult is knowing what to review, and how to gather and present the information. You see, employers get overly focused on the “big” aspect of big data – believing that if they have a lot of employee data, safety, and training insights will become clear.

However, given the amount and complexity of the data collected, this simply isn’t the case. The fact of the matter is, just having data is worthless. We help you get “Smart with Data“.

Being “Smart with Data” means you have access to accurate, granular-level data that enables you to build a complete employee training picture and provide you with the necessary information to improve the overall safety and engagement of your employees.

Because data only becomes valuable when you know how to structure it and how to use it so we help you ask the right questions about your training data.


What to Ask?

When you begin to ask the right questions of your data, you can then turn that mountain of data into answers you’re looking for – the answers that will allow you to develop valuable employees, increase profits, and most importantly, keep employees safe.

  • How many employees have not completed mandatory training?
  • Which employees have expiring training certifications?
  • What is the best way to communicate procedure changes with my team?
  • How do I optimize my Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?


Big Data Without Big Price

To develop and implement a customized reporting system an organization usually must spend a considerable amount of financial and manpower resources to purchase software, learn its operation, generate and interpret reports, and take appropriate actions based on the presented data.

We remove that hurdle by providing a powerful reporting engine that can be customized to your business to easily generate training reports, compliance reports, and administrative reports from a comprehensive set of tools for cannabis compliance reporting.

You select and filter the training data you need using the intuitive report criteria form so that with our custom reports, you can schedule them to run and be delivered to your email inbox automatically.

Track Requirements and Compliance for Every Employee

You can assign courses to employees, or allow them to self-enroll, and immediately starts tracking their activity on our platform. Due dates for cannabis compliance reporting are calculated, reminders and notifications are sent, and training statuses are updated, all on demand.

  • Control Data Access: You have full control over what information managers see on reports. You determine which courses and groups they have access to one, many, or all.
  • Easy Data Export: Export report data in a tab-separated format for use in other applications such as Excel. Just click the export link at the top of the report and save the file to your hard drive. Import the file directly into the application of your choice.

We provide you with cloud storage space to store all your 3rd party training documentation, such as job aids, reference guides, and certifications for cannabis compliance reporting.

Simply upload the files or images to your database, and share them with employees so now they can download the documentation you shared with them, anytime, anywhere for cannabis compliance reporting.


What Types of Custom SQL Reports Can I Create?

What is custom SQL reporting? You can specify SQL queries for your employees’ training contained in your database to generate a custom report. You can import a query file, or write the query directly within the platform when you name and save the report, it appears on the list.

  • Courses Reports: Create reports with information regarding courses and enrollments.
  • Categories Reports: Create reports with information about course categories and overlaps.
  • Users Reports: Create reports with user information such as course activity and completion.
  • Timeline Reports: This report generates a timeline. Course or user reports can be embedded in this timeline reporting data depending on employee training.
  • Custom SQL Reports: We can create any custom SQL query for custom business reporting needs.

You can use it the same as any other report – schedule regular runs of the report, set up email notifications, and download/view the report in PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

Let us know what you think.