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5. Digital Credentials Issued (Badges & Certificates)

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Accredited Credentials & Validation Transparency

Education is the key to unlocking new doors in cannabis. When you earn your cannabis certificate, you’ll be joining a community of passionate people looking to make their impact on an exciting and rapidly growing new industry. Certificate holders gain more than just a piece of paper. Read below to learn about the added career benefits you receive when choosing Green CulturED as your trusted cannabis education provider.

Certificates contain a unique code that is stored in the database. To verify the validity of the certificate (that is, its code), our LMS offers a dedicated form. You need to manually enter the code and then select Verify. If valid, information regarding the certificate’s metadata is displayed, otherwise, the code cannot be verified. You also have the option to access the PDF version of the document by selecting the View certificate button at the bottom.

This screen can also be reached directly via any of the four Display options of the Code element in certificate templates. The template is very user-friendly and it enables you to easily create elements that you can add or remove by dragging them into position on the right. Some of the elements you can create and edit are a background image, a digital signature, or a handy QR code for easy verification.

The Course certificate brings features appreciated by commercial clients into the reach of everyone. In short, it enables educators and organizations to design and issue certificates for their learners, including a QR code that anyone can scan to verify the validity of the certificate. Earn verifiable certificates and digital badges to display the qualifications you’ve earned, every learner who completes our programs earns a certificate and/or digital badge offered through the Badgr platform.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) creates PDF certificates and a digital badge for learners who successfully complete the compliance training. Access to the certificate of completion and the digital badge is controlled by activity completion so there is a conditional dependency that requires a score that learners must achieve before they are issued. Unique 12-digit code of random letters and numbers are printed on the certificate that is specific to a learner and the certificate. This number can then be verified by comparing it to the code number displayed in the “Issued Certificates Report.”

In addition, the certificate will display the total credit hours received and will also dynamically display the date it is issued to the learner when they complete the compliance training. As with other activities, the Course Certificate can be restricted until certain tasks have been completed, in this case, until the final test is passed: Certificate of Completion.

Digital Badges

This badge allows you to utilize your cannabis credentials online in places like social media, digital resumes and websites, email signatures, and more. Earn credibility on a top industry career site. Your digital badge easily integrates with your profile on, giving you priority ranking and credibility on a cannabis-industry-specific job board that’s utilized by some of the largest and most credible cannabis companies in the world.

You will earn verifiable certificates and digital badges from a third-party, verifiable digital badge that represents their professional skills and training compliance on LinkedIn or email signatures. Professional badges are issued by Green CulturED through Badgr, a third-party skill verification platform where we have worked with cannabis subject matter experts from throughout the supply chain to create the industry’s most-trusted standardized cannabis credentials.

Career events and more! As a member of the Green CulturED Alumni Network, you will earn access to a number of benefits aimed at helping you find employment upon completion of the program. Stay on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry and gain access to free resources, including cannabis career fairs and special events, online webinars, valuable content, and more.

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