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CISTA (Wikipedia)

Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol (CISTA) was a political party in the United Kingdom, which advocated the legalisation of cannabis.

Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol
ChairpersonPaul Birch
FoundedFebruary 2015
DissolvedNovember 2016
IdeologyCannabis legalisation
Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance
ChairpersonBarry Brown
IdeologyCannabis legalisation

The party was launched in February 2015. The party fielded candidates in the 2015 general election, campaigning for a Royal Commission to review the UK's drug laws relating to cannabis and to push the economic argument for legalisation, which it argued could generate £900 million in taxation. None of the candidates won a seat.

The party was deregistered by the Electoral Commission on 3 November 2016. Former members of the party from Northern Ireland registered a new party with the same initials, Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance, in February 2017 to contest the 2017 Assembly election.

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