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Term: Coachella Valley Church

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Coachella Valley Church is a Rastafarian church of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, located on The Alameda in San Jose, California. It was incorporated in 2016 and is at the same location as a previous dispensary, Amsterdam's Garden. The city has a history of litigation against its operators and seeks to end their operations, claiming it is an unpermitted marijuana dispensary.

Coachella Valley Church
Coachella Valley Church 2.jpg
37°20′39″N 121°55′47″W / 37.3442°N 121.9296°W / 37.3442; -121.9296Coordinates: 37°20′39″N 121°55′47″W / 37.3442°N 121.9296°W / 37.3442; -121.9296
Location2142 The Alameda,
San Jose, California 95126
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