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Term: Dagga Couple

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Dagga Couple (Wikipedia)

The Dagga Couple or DC is a pro-cannabis lobbyist organisation from South Africa founded by Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke after the two were arrested for the possession and dealing in the substance in 2010. Rather than plead guilty, the couple decided instead to sue seven sectors of government that maintained and enforced the policy of cannabis prohibition in the country resulting in what has been described locally as the Trial of the Plant in 2017.

Dagga Couple
Dagga Couple logo.jpeg
The Dagga Couple logo
Motto"I am not a criminal"
Founder(s)Julian Stobbs, Myrtle Clark
FocusLegalization or decriminalization of cannabis in South Africa
South Africa

Stobbs was fatally shot during an armed robbery at his home in Sunrella, Gauteng on 3 July 2020. Clarke, who was with him at the time of the incident, escaped unharmed.

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