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Term: Freedom Rally

Freedom Rally (Wikipedia)

The Boston Freedom Rally (often confused with Seattle's Hempfest) is an annual event in Boston, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Held on the third Saturday in September, it is traditionally the second largest annual gathering demanding marijuana law reform in the United States, after the Seattle Hempfest. After achieving the original goal of legalising marijuana recreational ("adult-use" pursuant to the Massachusetts regulatory scheme) use in the state of Massachusetts in 2016, the rally is seen as a celebration of the change to the state's legal policy toward cannabis, a chance to educate the community, and an opportunity to keep marijuana-related issues in the public forum as the state continues to mold its marijuana regulatory and legislative framework. Some attendees also view it as a rally to lessen the restriction on public consumption of marijuana, with public consumption still banned, and violations leading to a US$100 civil fine. It is organized by the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition, Inc. (MassCann /, the state's longest-standing marijuana advocacy group.

Mass Cann/NORML's Freedom Rally 2008
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