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Term: National Cannabis Festival

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National Cannabis Festival is a yearly, one-day event held at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium festival grounds with a focus on the music, advocacy, education, and activism related to Cannabis in Washington, D.C. The festival debuted in 2016 following the passing of Initiative 71, a voter-approved ballot initiative that legalized recreational use of marijuana in the District of Columbia. It was founded by Caroline Phillips, who announced the inaugural event with an Indiegogo campaign, raising an initial $21,000 to help cover costs through crowd-sourced fundraising efforts. The festival includes music concerts, an education pavilion, and vendor fair.

National Cannabis Festival
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Genrehip hop, funk, reggae, electronic dance music, world music
Location(s)Washington, D.C., U.S.
Years active2016-present
FoundersCaroline Phillips
Most recentAugust 28, 2021
Next eventApril 23, 2022
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