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Term: States Reform Act

States Reform Act (Wikipedia)

The year 2021 started with varying degrees of legalization for unrestricted-THC content cannabis in 34 states, or over half of U.S. states, and continued federal prohibition except for low-THC hemp. Several states considered candidates for 2021 legislation to legalize cannabis for adult use included Connecticut, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia, some of which like New York had already decriminalized. At the federal level, the Democratic Party's majority in both houses of the 117th United States Congress was cited by Politico as a likely precondition for federal legalization in 2021, with the SAFE Banking Act likely to pass.

List of 2021 United States cannabis reform proposals
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Legality of cannabis in the United States (2022)
  Legal for recreational use
  Legal for medical use
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