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The Terpiodic Table, as presented by Eybna, is a comprehensive guide to terpenes, which are organic aromatic molecules responsible for the distinct odors of plants. These molecules are not exclusive to cannabis but are found in a myriad of plant species. However, in the context of cannabis, each strain possesses its own unique terpene profile, which imparts a specific effect and aroma. To date, researchers have identified over 250 distinct terpenes in cannabis.

Terpenes play a pivotal role in the world of botanical medicine. Beyond their aromatic properties, they contribute to the overall therapeutic effects of plants, especially in cannabis. The Terpiodic Table serves as an educational tool, categorizing these terpenes and providing detailed insights into each one. From monoterpenes like β-Myrcene and Alpha-Pinene to sesquiterpenes such as M-Cymene and Beta-Caryophyllene, the table offers a deep dive into the world of terpenes.

Furthermore, the Terpiodic Table doesn’t limit itself to terpenes. It also sheds light on flavonoids, phenols, and cannabinoids – other significant compounds found in cannabis. These compounds, like terpenes, play a crucial role in the therapeutic and sensory experiences associated with cannabis consumption.

In summary, the Terpiodic Table by Eybna is an essential resource for anyone looking to understand the intricate world of cannabis compounds. Whether you’re a researcher, a medical professional, or a curious consumer, this table provides a wealth of knowledge on the aromatic molecules that shape our experiences with plants.

Source: Eybna Terpiodic Table

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