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Initiative 692 (I-692 or the Medical Use of Marijuana Act) was an initiative in the November 1998 election in the U.S. state of Washington. The initiative was to permit patients with certain debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana. Voters approved this initiative by 59%.

Initiative to the People 692
3 November 1998
Shall the medical use of marijuana for certain terminal or debilitating conditions be permitted and physicians authorized to advise patients about medical use of marijuana?
Votes %
Yes 1,121,851 58.97%
No 780,631 41.03%
Total votes 1,902,482 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 4,181,279 45.5%
Results by county, with number of votes shown by size, yes in green and no in orange.
Glossary Term: Washington Initiative 692 Definition: Washington Initiative 692 (I-692) is a significant milestone in the history of cannabis legislation in the United States. Passed in 1998, this initiative marked a pivotal shift in the public's perception and acceptance of medical marijuana, particularly in the state of Washington. The roots of Washington Initiative 692 can be traced back to the late 90s, a time when the national conversation around cannabis was beginning to change. The initiative was a response to the failed Initiative 685, which was deemed too broad in its approach to drug policy reform. I-692, on the other hand, was specifically focused on the medical use of marijuana, allowing patients with certain terminal or debilitating conditions to use marijuana for treatment, under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Over time, the impact of Washington Initiative 692 has been profound. It has not only paved the way for further cannabis legislation in Washington, but also set a precedent for other states to follow. Today, the initiative is seen as a landmark in the ongoing journey towards nationwide cannabis legalization. As an SEO-optimized term, "Washington Initiative 692" is a key phrase for anyone interested in the evolution of cannabis legislation. It's a term that resonates with cannabis-savvy individuals, who understand its significance in the broader context of the cannabis industry. In conclusion, Washington Initiative 692 is more than just a piece of legislation. It's a symbol of progress, a testament to the power of public opinion, and a beacon of hope for those who believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabis. References: 1. "Medical Marijuana Initiative - Initiative 692." Washington Secretary of State. Retrieved from: 2. "The Medical Marijuana Law." Washington State Department of Health. Retrieved from: 3. "Washington Initiative 692 (1998)." Ballotpedia. Retrieved from:< Back (Wiki Page)