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Lab is a Great Starting Point if You’re NEW to the Cannabis Industry & Looking to Join a Premier Community That Streamlines Your Education via Engaging Training… 

Here's What You'll Get & More...

Access our library of hyper-focused, on-demand “micro-learning” to learn everything about cannabis

Request brand new training on our roadmap & vote or “crowdsource” what you want to be released next

Join “GC Engage” our loving, members-only community that’ll answer any & all your questions (day or night)

Transform your training experience via our Mobile App to train anytime, anywhere (with no Internet access)

Use gamification in our platform to turn your training into an addictive game-playing & goal-reaching solution

Digital, printable certificates are issued for all training & they’re suitable for framing (or include with resume)

Special “GC Deals” on released training & strategic partners (this benefit should literally pay for itself)

Weekly “GC Insider” industry tips & updates you’ll need to be the smartest “cannabis expert” in the room

Our leading support team provides a very thoughtful, human response in 2 hours (Mon – Fri business hours)

We ensure our platform is 100% accessible for anyone with disabilities (ex. ADA Section 508 compliant, etc.)


Ready To Make Cannabis Easy & Get Answers To All Your ???'s

Out Actionable, Step-by-Step Training Produce Results & Allows You to Implement Complex Industry Tactics + a “Cannabis Loving” Community That’s Getting Stuff DONE.


$1 Access = 59 Trainings (>$2,000 Value) + NEW Releases Monthly...

Platform Experience

Whether You’re a Beginner Looking For a Place to Start or a Seasoned Industry Veteran Looking to UP-LEVEL Your Skills & Truly an Unfair Advantage For Anyone Who Needs Up-to-Date Training.

Micro-Learning Format

Our comprehensive course catalog makes it 100% simple to train via micro-learning format (we’re always adding new ones) to learn everything about cannabis… we don’t just teach you the theory… we show you, step-by-step, how to actually get stuff DONE right away.

Platform Roadmap

Receive exclusive members-only Platform Roadmap access to new training released by our Instructional Design team (and our Subject Matter Experts who actually KNOW what the heck they’re doing) to keep your cannabis skills and strategies on their “bleeding edge”.

Supportive Community

Ask any questions, network, and exchange ideas with thousands of smart, generous “cannabis lovers” and industry professionals. And with members in virtually EVERY aspect of the industry (and every country on the globe) you’re sure to find someone who “gets you.”

Members-Only Deals

Your membership entitles you to our exclusive members-only deals so you can access discounts on some of the worlds’ best eLearning solutions we provide and from all our industry partnerships so this member BENEFIT alone should easily pay for itself within 30 days.

Our Community

Here Are Some Measurable & Tangible Results From Our Community so Welcome to Our World & We Hope You Find Our Training TRULY Enriching, But Here’s What Just a Handful Have to Say. 

Platform Features

Engaging Training & Gamification

We use gamification in our platform to turn your training into an addictive game-playing and goal-reaching solution. The application of game playing (leaderboards, levels, points, rewards, etc.) in our training to other areas of learning activities to specifically ENGAGE learners in problem-solving.

Mobile App & Offline Learning

Using our Mobile App, we deliver a seamless training and learning experience across devices whether you are in a remote area with poor access to the Internet or stuck in an Uber during your commutes. It gives you ACCESS to your training “on the go,” when and where you need it, even offline (no Internet required).

100% Accessible & Up-to-Date

Our team of Subject Matter Experts is constantly updating our curricula with industry changes, yet one of our BELIEFS is that anyone should be able to pursue learning. We honor this value by ensuring our platform is 100% accessible for individuals with disabilities (ex. ADA Section 508 compliant, etc.).

Industry-Leading Support & Service

In the cannabis industry, a “good” response time is 1 – 2 days (at best), so you’ll see we’re quite different and how we exercise “extreme ownership” to support you. Our industry-leading support team provides a thoughtful, HUMAN response to all your inquiries in 2 hours or less (during Monday – Friday business hours).

Learning Centers

Whether You’re a Beginner Looking for a Place to Start or a Seasoned Industry Pro Looking to Up-Level Your Skills, We Have Everything You Need to Get Cannabis DONE the Right Way, the Very First Time

$1 Trial

For Cannabis Lovers

Ideal for anyone who’s a “cannabis lover” or enthusiast looking to learn everything & access our EXCLUSIVE community.

Access our library of hyper-focused, on-demand “micro-learning” to learn everything about cannabis

Request & vote on new training you want on our Platform Roadmap

Digital, printable certificates issued that are suitable for framing

Train anytime, anywhere (even offline) via our Mobile App

Join our loving & members-only “GC Engage” exclusive community

Weekly “GC Insider” cannabis industry strategies & updates

Special “GC Deals” on our new solutions & from our partners

$1 / Trial

$1 Trial

For Industry Pros

Ideal for industry professionals that want to be the smartest “cannabis expert” in the room & truly MASTER their craft.

Includes everything in Lab

Access our mastery certifications... PLUS receive all future updates & new ones our team publishes

Continuously up-skill from new “micro-learning” training released

Receive Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for compliance training

Display digital badges on LinkedIn & ability to verify certificates issued

Access our Subject Matter Experts (SME's) for professional advice

Post-certification resume/cover letter writing services & explore open cannabis job opportunities

$1 / Trial


For Team Leaders

Ideal for leaders who need a “turn-key eLearning” solution that will TRANSFORM their teams into a well-oiled machine.

Includes everything in Lab & Lab+

"Train-the-trainer" coaching program made for leaders to learn & then train their team members

"All-Access Pass" to 99% of our entire training library & early access to ALL new training released

Bonus #1: Create customized Learning Plans for your teams

Bonus #2: Team dashboard automates training & reporting

Bonus #3: We prioritize your requests on our Platform Roadmap

Bonus #4: Use our LMS to create your own internal training programs

$147 / Month

Accreditation & Authorization

Our "Claim-to-Fame" is Being The "Most Accredited (or Authorized)" Training Provider in The Industry to ENSURE What We Do Actually Meets All Those Never-Ending Cannabis Regulator Requirements.