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Prepare for State Regulatory Inspections before inspectors arrive. Adherence reviews the following State and Local requirements to ensure your facility is ready for a licensed inspection: 

  • Inventory, Adjustments & Revenue Management
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Business Records Required & Facility Logs
  • Licensed Premise, Licensing, and Permits
  • Employee Safety, Training
  • Operations Procedures & Cannabis Testing
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What You’ll Learn

Cannabis Workers Must Be Protected From Hazards
All employers in the cannabis industry, including those who cultivate, manufacture, distribute, sell, and test cannabis products, must take steps to protect their employees from all health and safety hazards associated with their work.
The complicated nature of the hazards present in the cannabis industry highlights the need for careful attention to safety and health at all types of cannabis businesses.
Complicated Nature Of Hazards In The Cannabis Workplace
The purpose of this "micro-learning" course is to provide an overview of the safety and health hazards that may be present in the cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis. PRECAUTION: Not all hazards listed in this course may be present at a given facility.
Common Cannabis Industry Safety And Health Hazards You'll Find
Conversely, there may be additional hazards not listed within the scope of our "micro-learning" courses that may be present at a given facility. This is intended to provide a starting point for the assessment and evaluation of occupational health hazards.
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