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Whether you have growing experience or you’re just starting to explore horticulture, our Master Grower Certification will give you the skills you need to expand your grow and become a true master. 

You will learn the fundamentals needed to run a successful growing operation from start to finish. You will explore everything from seed germination to genetics and strain selection.  

Every seasoned Master Grower encounter issues and knowing how to handle them will ensure your success. Our courses teach you how to grow cannabis with hydroponics as well as organic methods.

Our training will help you to uncover the secrets from experienced growers, so you can be successful right from the start with your cannabis industry career.


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I signed up for Green CulturED hoping to improve my cannabis industry knowledge… But I left with vastly more. This is what Canada has been needing for the past twenty years. Finally a marijuana scho…

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The resource at is enormous. They provide high quality and reliable cannabis education for free. From videos to eBooks, every learning material they offer...

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