Marijuana Growing & *Electrical Safety* Indoors

Marijuana Growing

Making sure that all electrical and plumbing setups are built properly is a high priority when marijuana growing. Be sure to check all outlets, fuses and electrical connections so that they are grounded, connected properly, and without blackened or melted parts.

This will help prevent a fire. Be sure to always have an up-to-date, rated fire extinguishing device readily available in case of a fire outbreak to put out wood, paper, grease, oil and electrical fires.

Ensuring that plumbing is correctly connected will help to prevent floods and leaks within your house. There are many ways to help eliminate or control odor issues around your marijuana growing.

Placing fresh cedar shavings around your house, installing carbon filters help to filter odors from the air, and ozone generators and negative ion generators will help neutralize any odors. Minimizing noise and odors is of the highest importance as they can easily give you away.

By insulating and soundproofing your room you can minimize noise leaks. Installing filters and odor control systems you will be able to eliminate drifting odors.

Marijuana GrowingInsulating windows, doors, vents, etc. help to minimize the ambient heat energy that will radiate out of the house that would be able to be caught by thermal imaging devices.

Building heat sink rooms helps keep the growing area temperature more controllable when marijuana growing. Be sure to grow efficiently to produce the most, with the least amount of input (nutrition, electricity & time).

When growing marijuana in a rented home, it is best to find an absentee landlord is the best way to grow. With the landlord being absent when marijuana growing, you have much less to worry about with “random checkups”.

If possible, it would be best to put all telephone, cable, electrical and garbage accounts under a friend’s name. Always grow less than 99 plants at any time in the US.

If you are caught growing more than 99 plants, Federal Law requires a minimum mandatory five-year sentence with no parole when convicted of growing 100 – 1,000 plants.

Security Checklist

  • Have a regular schedule set
  • Live a simple and quiet lifestyle
  • Have very little contact with neighbors
  • Always be pleasant to people
  • Never show your grow room to anybody
  • Electric bill should be about the same as the previous tenants and neighbors
  • Yard and house should be clean and similar to neighbors to blend in
  • No light leaks whatsoever from the grow
  • Use friend’s car to visit grow store
  • No noise or humming from fans; it is easily heard day and night
  • No strange odors, including ozone smell

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