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Earn Cannabis Certifications, LinkedIn™ Badge & Digital Certificates That'll Give Strategies To Stay On The "Bleeding Edge"

Lab+ Certifications
Access Cannabis Courses & Community-Based Learning + MORE That'll Scale Your Industry Knowledge To "New Heights"

Platform Experience

Welcome Your Learning Experience Platform (LXP)... Learning Management Systems (LMS's) & Cannabis Training Providers Are BROKEN (So We Fixed It)...

Learning Centers

Lab Is Made For Casual Learners If You're "Canna-Curious" & Looking For Some Community-Based Learning... Lab+ Is Made For Industry PROS Who Will Get Certified As A "Competitive Edge" That'll Grow Opportunities.

Subject Matter Experts

Our Education RELIES On Subject Matter Experts (aka "Faculty Members") Professional " World Connections" & Its Their Thought-Leadership That Keeps Us "Dialed Into Cannabis" Despite Constant Changes.

Dr. William McDonald

Medical Education Director

Yosiris Rodríguez, J.D.

Legal Education Director

Andy LaFrate, Ph.D.

Laboratory & Testing Advisor

Rachel Kurtz-McAlaine, J.D.

Government Regulations Advisor

Dr. Bradley Pennington

Medical Education Advisor

Rachel Johnson, MBA

Cannabis Industry Advisor

Jordan Erickson

Cannabis Cultivation Advisor

Layle McFatridge

Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT)

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin

Functional Medicine Advisor

Rob McEvoy

Cannabis Industry Advisor

Evan Erickson

Authorized OSHA Trainer

Samierah O'Bryant-Yabar

Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT)

Tony Weeks, J.D.

Legal Education Advisor

Art Cosner, MPH

Healthcare Management Advisor

Kiana Hughes

Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT)

+ More Subject Matter Experts

1,000+ Scientifically-Cited Research Studies

Over 1,000+ Peer-Reviewed Research Citations Are Referenced Within Our Curriculum From Cannabis Scientists, Legal Experts & Medical Professionals Support Our Subject Matter Experts (SME's) & Instructional Design Development.
Cited Experts

Expert Citations

To Maintain Up-to-Date Education We Reference Peer-Reviewed Research From Cannabis Experts' Citation(s) Utilized During Curriculum Development & Are Available As "Public Domain Information."

Important: Referenced expert(s) cited is "Public Domain" information, they're not affiliated with Green CulturED, so NO "endorsement" or "authorization" should be inferred by citation(s).

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

Dr. Bonni Goldstein

Dr. Andrew Weil

Swami Chaitanya

Melanie Dreher, Ph.D.

Mel Frank

Dr. Lester Grinspoon

Dr. Andrea Hohmann

Neil Juneja, J.D.

Allyn Howlett, Ph.D.

Dr. Ethan Russo

Frenchy Cannoli

Dr. Zach Walsh, Ph.D.

Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN

Ammon J. Ford, J.D.

Nishi Whiteley, J.D.

Dr. Mark Ware

Dr. Lumir Hanus

Charles Whitebread, J.D.

Dr. Mark Merlin

Sunil Aggarwal, M.D., Ph.D.

Jahan Marcu, Ph.D.

Dr. Nephi Stella

Allyn Howlett, Ph.D.

Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo

Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen

Bernard Le Foll, M.D., Ph.D., MCFP

Dr. Rudolf Brenneisen

Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya

Dr. Igor Grant

Laura Borgelt, Ph.D.

Donald Abrams, M.D.

Philippe Lucas Ph.D.

Dr. Donald P. Tashkin

Dr. Robert Melamede

Dr. Suzanne Nielsen

Dr. David Bearman

Professor Roger Pertwee

Dr. David Allen

1,000+ Expert Citations & Research Studies

Our Guarantee

Our "30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee" Completely Removes Your RISK From You & Places Responsibility Squarely On Us = If You're Not 100% Satisfied, We Promptly Refund Enrollments... No Questions Asked.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Green CulturED, we guarantee your satisfaction. We guarantee you’re going to love the total eLearning solutions that we’re frequently adding new features and training from our Platform Roadmap as requested by our community (and YOU)!

But if at any time during the first 30-days you’re unsatisfied with all of our really incredible eLearning solutions you’ve accessed, let our team know and we’ll be HAPPY to process a 100% full refund with no questions asked, so go ahead with:

"Helping Catalyze Our Cannabis-Loving Community That'll Make an Empowering IMPACT 100% Around Their Mission"

"Monthly Scholarships Are Drawn via Random-Selection Method That Ends Monthly (+ Share & Increase ODDS)"

Industry-Leading Support

Green CulturED serves as an “extension to your team” (or as your “personal coach”) and working with us is like inheriting a highly-skilled, extremely positive TOTAL eLearning solutions team to support you with our cannabis industry expertise.

Our cannabis industry-leading support team provides a very thoughtful, human response to all your inquiries in two (2) hours or LESS (Monday – Friday business hours). In an industry where a “good” response time is 1 – 2 days (at their best).

You’ll see we’re very different and how we exercise “extreme ownership” to help support YOU. Our team is determined to provide individualized, very responsive support that you should receive from anyone who is dedicated to your success!

Accessibility Compliant Platform

One of the biggest challenges that learners face today is “accessibility” in their eLearning solutions. Our platform is American Disability Act (ADA), Accessible Canada Act, etc. compliant, and why we started our “Industry Impact Program.”

We are sensitive to disabilities so we provide closed-captioning (sub-titles) for hearing-impaired and screen readers for visually-impaired individuals who want to learn. We have worked extensively to MEET these “accessibility” standards.

Our platform is composed of a complex system with many aspects of development that are always evolving so “accessibility” is NOT a state so it’s a continuous process of improvement in response to our learners and Learning Management System (LMS).

"We're Making True Impacts (NOT Just ‘Giving-Back’) That Builds a Legitimate Competitive Advantage"

Accredited Certifications + LinkedIn™ & Canvas Network™ Integration = Verified Professionals...
Access 0 + Cannabis Industry Certifications

Federal OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Badge

100 Experience Points

Professional Selling Skills Badge

100 Experience Points

New Hire Onboarding Badge

100 Experience Points

Responsible Cannabis Vendor Badge

100 Experience Points

Testing Laboratory Facility Badge

100 Experience Points

Cannabis Food Safety Badge

100 Experience Points

Worker Protection Standard Badge (EPA)

100 Experience Points

Cannabis Handler Badge

100 Experience Points

Who Should Join Lab+?


Skyrocket your knowledge in "all things cannabis" without any of the headaches of those traditional learning curves! Starting now, turn expertise into your advantage!

Industry Pro

With our help, you'll not only stand out from the crowd but you will also carve a unique path for yourself. Let's begin your path to becoming a pro in cannabis today!

Team Leader

Juggling a team that is lost in translation can feel like an impossible task. Say goodbye to any lack of communication and hello to employee synergy & collaboration!

Biz Founder

Leading a business can be challenging enough without the added stress of team training. Give us the reins on 'up-skilling' your crew's skills and maximize your team efficiency.

Lab+ Is Our "Certification All-Access Pass" When You Join, Here's What You'll Get...
Get A "Masters" In The Cannabis Industry... Without Breaking The Bank Account
Achieve Professional Cannabis Credential(s)...
Get professional credentials that'll supercharge careers & industry certification equips individuals from different types of professional background that'll fuel the "next chapter" in a cannabis profession.

Professional Certification

Competency Assessment

Michael Jones earned 1 experience points for a new total of 1 experience points
Shanell Proctor earned 1 experience points for a new total of 1 experience points
Josef Zeller earned 1 experience points for a new total of 1 experience points
Taylor Higgs earned 1 learning credits for a new total of 1 learning credits
Taylor Higgs earned 100 experience points for a new total of 108 experience points
Cannabis Industry Competency Assessment...
Professionals develop "cannabis competencies" based upon industry-standards (ex. ANSI, ISO, etc.) to ensure professionals are assessed that employers use for verifying knowledge & validate credentials.

Multiple Question Types

Programmatic Requirements

Canvas Network™ Verifies Earned Credentials...
Accredited certifications are always 3rd-party verifiable via Canvas Network™ to translate cannabis competencies" into validated skills for communicating industry-valued knowledge employers require.

Digital Credentials

Laboratory Worker Safety Badge
Master Cannabis Grower Badge

Career Opportunity

"The cannabis industry moves fast, stay up to speed with all the training needed for success + we'll help you through this process by providing all the information you need to get licensed."

"Crowdsourced" Job Board Creates Opportunities...
From "mom & pop shops" to large Multi-State Operators (MSO's), licensed cannabis operations post their career opportunities to find alumni that unlocks the skills-based hiring practices once certified.
Community Experience
Here Are Some Measurable & Tangible Results From Our Community So Welcome To Our World So We Hope You Find Our Training TRULY Enriching, But Here's What Just A Few Learners Have To Say. 
Jonathon Tecum-Chavez
Jonathon Tecum-Chavez
Co-Founder, THC GO Delivery
Read More
"Green CulturED's Cannabis Delivery Certification gave us the chance to learn the way it is supposed to be done. By partnering with Green CulturED, our drivers receive the best standardized training. I'm very grateful we were able to use their resources as we started our operations in New Jersey."
- Mary Kate Haller,
- Mary Kate Haller,
HR Director, Local Cannabis Co.
Read More
"Green CulturED Headquarters (HQ) is hands down one of the best investments I have ever made for my team members' training. Applying what my employees and I have learned has had a profoundly positive effect not just within my business profitability but my understanding of the cannabis industry as a "whole" works."
- Scott Morris
- Scott Morris
Dispensary Manager, Trulieve
Read More
"Green CulturED, in general, has been like a college experience. It gave me the opportunity to make money and train while working. It helped me pay for my education while managing dispensary operations without taking out a $100,000 loan for a degree that I may or may not have used to land a very boring, normal job working 9 - 5."
Robert K.
Robert K.
Cannabis Enthusiast
Read More
"With the certifications and programs I was most interested in learning, I was able to secure a job at a local cannabis business and hope to start my career and my path towards the cannabis industry, and pursue my goals."
Shiv S.
Shiv S.
Dispensary Manager
Read More
"Just love it. One of a kind educational material offered here! Exceptionally well articulated and presented that keeps us engaged and curious."
Rachel Kent
Rachel Kent
Operations Supervisor
Read More
"Super happy that we found an answer to our multi-store training problem. Since I can delegate team leaders from different dispensaries, they can assign training when they need it. I don't have to be hands-on with new hires and certificate renewals but still have the option to access the training records when I need to. Thanks Green CulturED!"
Paul Grant
Paul Grant
Delivery Manager
Read More
"My delivery drivers struggle communicating with the dispensaries sometimes. The private messaging option allows my drivers to easily message the store, put urgent notifications into the group feed, and keep all of the transportation messages in one place. This really helps us if we need to review any communication between order notes."
Kyle Schwimmer
Kyle Schwimmer
Cultivation Manager
Read More
"When we started our grow, we wanted to make sure our products were of the highest quality. Green CulturED's cultivation programs helped us understand how it is supposed to be done. Since we started implementing what we learned in the training, our overall harvest produced a purer product with a higher yield a to compete with the big players."
Saraia Patel
Saraia Patel
Dispensary Manager
Read More
"In Massachusetts, RVT is required for all of our employees. Green CulturED's training format, automated emails, and easy-to-access certificates make it really easy for our compliance team to stay organized and retain the records that confirm we trained our employees. We wouldn't be able to do that without the manager portal and team dashboard."
Trusted By 1,000's Companies Like...

Platform Features

Mastery Industry Certification

Our industry-leading certifications are perfect for all professionals as well as seasoned veterans looking for up-level skills. We're PERFECT for whoever is looking to get things done in the cannabis industry from our course catalog that focuses (not only on training) but "micro-learning" that will spark & ignite your growth.

Training Released Monthly

We publish new training into your membership every month via our Platform Roadmap which is our shared source of TRUTH that outlines the direction of our platform, and our team of experts ensures that your training requests are always met, so get the training topics that you need to keep you always up-to-date.

Engaging & Gamified Training

Utilize gamification in our platform to turn your training into an addictive game-playing and goal-reaching solution. The application of game playing (leaderboards, levels, points, rewards, etc.) in our training to other areas of learning activities that'll specifically ENGAGE learners in problem-solving.

Mobile App & Offline Learning

Using our Mobile App, we deliver a seamless training and learning experience across devices whether you are in a remote area with poor access to the Internet or stuck in an Uber during your commutes. It gives you ACCESS to your training "on the go," when and where you need it, even offline (no Internet even required).

Up-to-Date & 100% Accessible

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) team is constantly updating our curricula with industry changes, yet one of our BELIEFS is that anyone should be able to pursue learning. We always honor this value by ensuring our platform is 100% accessible for individuals with any disability type (ex. ADA Section 508 compliant, etc.).

Outstanding Support Team

In the cannabis industry, a "good" response time is 1 - 2 days (at best), so you'll see we're quite different and how we exercise "extreme ownership" to support you. Our industry-leading support team will provide you with a thoughtful, HUMAN response to all inquiries in 2 hours or less (for Monday - Friday business hours).

Learning Centers

Lab Is Made For Casual Learners If You're "Canna-Curious" & Looking For Some Community-Based Learning... Lab+ Is Made For Industry PROS Who Will Get Certified As A "Competitive Edge" That'll Grow Opportunities.
Frequently Asked Questions
Our Community is Made Up of Tens (10’s) of Thousands (1,000’s) of Skilled Cannabis Experts Who Are Ready at Any Time (Day or Night) to Make BIG Changes Within the Cannabis Industry.

Join Community

Complete our hyper-focused, on-demand training that’s delivered in a “micro-learning” FORMAT so you can easily stay-on-top of the cannabis industry strategies & all of the up-to-date developments.


A passing grade of 70% or above is REQUIRED (on the majority) of our assessments & there’s always immediate “correct feedback” for “incorrect answers” so you will have unlimited attempts to pass.

Digital Credentials

You’ll get printable certificates suitable for framing & digital badges are issued (included in “Lab+” & “HQ”, but NOT “Lab”) to display credentials on LinkedIn, career websites, etc. for the industry.

Questions? Get Answers! Leverage Your Learning Center to Access to Our Members-Only Community Where Learning STICKS & Ideas Get Implemented.
Yes! Lab and Lab+ all have a $1 trial for three (3) days that is available on a single (1) user account. Headquarter (or “HQ” for short) is available for a one (1) user account and does not include a $1 trial. Businesses need to schedule a demo to set up multiple-user “HQ” accounts. We offer a 90-day “Free Trial” (click here) so you can “test-drive” our platform and know what to expect in our eLearning solutions when it comes to our online “micro-learning” format. If you need your trial to last longer than 90-days or you need more time to test our total eLearning solutions, you can always START your “Free Trial” by simply re-enrolling.

To log into your account, go to the “Training Login” (click here) on our platform and access the eLearning solutions you’re enrolled in the Learning Management System (LMS). Put simply, the LMS dashboard is your “homepage” where you have an overview of your training and any activities that may need attention, so you know what to do to continue learning.

If you cannot log in, you can RESET your password from the “Lost your password?”  option on our platform if you do not remember your password or forgot the email address you registered your account. You should have received a welcome email after registering on our platform and it contains account details for your login information.

Remember, to complete the “Whitelist Instructions” (click here) for our email address. You want to be sure that you are receiving our emails too… otherwise, you might NOT get your certificate and other cool things… they’re all sent via email so make sure you receive them.

Yes! Yet… it VARIES so much. For example, we’re accredited by Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board to provide their “Marijuana Handler Permit,” Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to provide their required “Responsible Vendor” compliance training and others… see our “About Us” (click here) page for accreditations and memberships.

And 99% of our training applies to ANY country or jurisdiction (ex. Canada, Europe Australia, etc.) since our team publishes all our education “agnostically” (or “white-labeled”) so our eLearning solutions really apply to anyone that needs cannabis education… you must understand “English” (our “native language”) that’s really the only criterion to get started.

Our team is always creating new accredited curricula with our Subject Matter Experts who are industry professionals in their respective fields of study. The industry is still developing and there is no universal accreditation (ex. Department of Education, etc.), but we expect to see this change in the NEAR future and realize the very vital role that accreditation plays.

Yes! We provide a total eLearning solution, so you can EASILY train your team in a way that will provide you with a “turn-key” solution for your whole team at an affordable price. It’s called “Headquarters” (click here), “HQ” for short, and how we become an “extension of your team” to increase your profitability ($$$), ensure you’re compliant, and reduce your risks.

We have clients from dozens of countries around the globe utilizing our eLearning solutions since 99% of our training applies to ANY country (as long as you speak English is our only current limitation). We have been trusted for years by companies around the world and we’re endorsed by the leaders that are driving the cannabis industry forward so if there’s training missing that you need then we will publish it via our “Platform Roadmap” (click here).

We’ve built a best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS) that can be customized to your business from one centralized dashboard, allowing you to create learning plans for your teams, and then track and assess everyone’s activities with analytics. Whether you want your team to perform better, to make better STRATEGIC decisions, or for new staff to learn quickly… they will be equipped with credible knowledge and industry skills needed for your business.

It depends! Being an “expert” is the industry’s most valuable ASSET. It will create meaningful relationships with your peers and develop your knowledge to apply new skills. Proper industry training pays for itself over time and what you will learn makes you irreplaceable. Our training itself is highly valuable if you need to set yourself apart from the competition in the cannabis industry. What’s far MORE valuable than any certificate, however, is the actual knowledge you’re going to receive when you take our training and pass all the assessments. You will learn everything about cannabis that you need to know, and we’ll say that again: You will KNOW the cannabis industry, but it really depends on who you are…
  • If you’re a “cannabis lover,” this training will set you apart from others who merely have read information online or have no cannabis knowledge, it is specialized training that you want today and lovingly seek to learn more about cannabis.
  • If you’re an industry professional, we can help set you apart from your peers and make you more valuable to your company. This is the surest way to get a raise or promotion that you likely already deserve (but don’t have a tangible reason to ask).
  • If you provide ancillary services, our eLearning solutions are a tangible way to show that you understand and know the industry, which helps you attract better, higher-paying clients to bolster your revenue and make a “bottom-line” impact.
  • If you’re a manager or business owner, this training is a great way to learn on-demand for yourself. We are your “Headquarters” (click here) and a great way to train team members so they’re up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.

Varies… Lab (click here) is perfect for “cannabis lovers” who want community and “just the facts” via our step-by-step mastery courses that we lovingly call “training on steroids.” For anyone who wants to be a professional and needs more in-depth training, Lab+ (click here) is the perfect option, it’s everything in Lab… PLUS (hence the name) all our industry and specialized certifications… you get the idea, but this is our “turn-key” solution for anyone.

Also, all members get access to “GC Engage” a smaller, “community within the community” where members of our team and Subject Matter Experts hang out every day talking about cannabis. And then there’s Headquarters or “HQ” (click here)… it is the “all-access pass” membership we offer and it’s for professionals or business owners who truly want it all!

“HQ” members also get to participate in new, exclusive training and mastery certifications that are created by our team that are released MONTHLY via our “Platform Roadmap” (click here). “HQ” is our enterprise solution that is made for teams so you can easily add/remove multiple accounts as opposed to the single-user access, which is also available (click here).

Before you do anything else… you need to join the “GC Engage” community and ask at least one burning question (don’t have a question… don’t worry… we’ll give you a few ideas). Then, DIVE into our course catalog and pick any mastery certification or training that will help you reach your growth goals. Don’t see a topic you want? Then request topics on our “Platform Roadmap” (click here) and vote on ones that have been contributed by our entire community.

Just be ready… the only skill you need is a willingness to learn. The membership content and community has resources and advice for a beginner as well as advanced professionals, alike, and we FIRMLY believe there are no stupid questions. Heck, even our team learns a ton when our newest members ask supposedly “stupid questions” that remind us of things we should do but aren’t for whatever reason… community makes both you and us better all the time…
No! You can cancel at any time, but while we HOPE you stay forever, we despise contracts and would never impose them on you, we’re always providing you with very flexible options.
If you want to become a professional… our certifications will set you apart from the pack. Unlike everyone else who simply calls themselves a “cannabis expert,” you’ll have the certificate and the badge to PROVE it, from a source that the cannabis industry trusts. More importantly, it will make you a better cannabis expert. Why? Because you’re receiving the EXACT same training you would receive working at Green CulturED (and without tooting our horn too much, we’re pretty good at doing this stuff for the industry every day)! And we held nothing back. These are the same systems and strategies our internal team uses to create industry-leading training that generates EXPERTS and then converts them into professionals, directed by our Subject Matter Experts and Instructional Design team (the people in charge of all things eLearning at Green CulturED). So, if you want to start:
  • Enhancing your career or starting a completely NEW one
  • Learning the greatest strategies & LATEST tactics (that actually work)
  • Expanding your skill-set & set yourself APART from the competition
  • Wanting to JUMP to a higher pay grade (or promotion at your work)
  • These mastery certifications are 100% made just for you…
If you’re a business owner or team leader… maybe you don’t need the certification. But what about your team? Do you know for a FACT that they’re up-to-speed on all the latest and greatest cannabis industry developments? If you’re not sure, or if you just want them to receive the exact same training that our team receives, then get them certified today! They’ll love the fact that you’re investing in them, and you’ll love the fact that they’re performing at the highest level possible for your company. Also, there’s no rule that you have to sit for the assessment. If the training is more IMPORTANT to you than certifications, then just take the training and look at everything else as an optional extra (but we recommend taking them just to make sure you’re fully grasping all the concepts that are being taught). Oh yeah, and if you’re working in the industry as a cannabis professional, then you already know how important certifications are to distancing yourself from the competition. And who knows? It might even HELP you claim higher wages for the work you’re already doing. Either way, if you expect the best for your company, then our certifications are definitely for you!
Yes! It is 100% legal and you may enroll in our training regardless of the country in which you currently reside since we’re based in the United States and we are all protected by the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech). Regardless of location, it is legal to learn about cannabis and we have learners enrolling every single day since our training applies to ANY country. Taking our eLearning solutions, really, is the same as shopping on Amazon.com, eBay.com, or any place where you can legally purchase cannabis-related books, DVDs, magazines, or guides… so it is 100% legal to learn from us anywhere you are located on planet earth…
Yes! One of the biggest challenges that learners face today is “Accessibility” within their eLearning solutions and why we started our “Industry Impact Program” (click here) to make this change. Unlike most of our competitors (which do have great content), we are VERY different and sensitive to disabilities so we provide closed-captioning (sub-titles) for hearing-impaired and screen readers for those visually-impaired who want to learn about cannabis. Our platform is composed of a complex system with many parts and its development is always evolving so “Accessibility” is NOT a state. It is a process of continuous improvement in response to our learners and our wider technical environment. We have worked extensively to meet “Accessibility” standards. Here are the details of how we meet those requirements:
  • United States: “American Disability Act” (Section 508) is required so that information and technology are accessible for anyone with disabilities.
  • Canada: “Accessible Canada Act” aims to benefit all citizens, especially those individuals with disabilities, by helping to create barrier-free accessibility.
  • Europe (EU): “European Accessibility Act” used by EU governments and universities, aims to improve trade and remove country-specific rules.
  • Australia: “Disability Discrimination Act” applies to organizations developing online resources so there is no discrimination against people with disabilities.
  • WCAG 2.0: Used when deciding how to present content for the best web accessibility, these guidelines are always followed when we develop any media.
  • ATAG 2.0: Guidelines to construct content (as well as consuming online content) and help to improve the accessibility of the media that our team produces.
  • ARIA 1.0: As many parts of the user interface are dynamic and interactive, we follow these recommendations to utilize assistive technologies (ex. screen-readers).

Interactive! Our training is designed in a “micro-learning” format that is typically completed in less than a one (1) hour period, but you will find some longer ones too. “Micro-learning” is a HOLISTIC approach for skill-based learning that deals with relatively small learning units that are short-term-focused strategies specifically designed for skill-based training needed. We always recommend trying our “Free Trial” (click here) to get an idea of our online format.

And our team of educational-technologist, Instructional Designers, and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) strive to provide you with the best industry training and eLearning solutions available. With their peer-reviewed citations as leading experts, scientists, doctors, and educators… we always provide the best learning experience. Request new training on our “Platform Roadmap” or VOTE on current ones contributed by our community.

It varies… there are never any type of time limitations and training is always happening because it is 100% online, so you can start whenever you like. Our certifications VARY in length, but all of our “micro-learning” modules are video-based training, so if you are working at it full-time you could technically try to complete it all in one day (although this is not recommended and sometimes not possible with the length of some our certification). To fully understand and apply the materials, you should allow 7 – 14 days if you are working full-time, and 14 – 30 days if you taking the certification part-time. Typically, our enrollment duration for MOST of our training is one (1) year enrollment duration (unless noted otherwise). You will always be able to learn at your own pace, start, and stop at any time! Even though many different governments have specific time requirements for compliance training, there is no time limit to complete our training. You can work at your own PACE without having to worry about losing your enrollment and any time frame listed to complete the training is average since it varies person-to-person and your personal experience. For many learners who are well-versed in the subject matter, they can get through training at a much faster pace, and those that need to review the material can do so without having to feel PRESSURED about completing in a specific time frame or achieving specific competency.
Satisfyingly enough… you’ll find that our assessments are “satisfyingly difficult.” By that we mean, it’s difficult enough that you need to actually KNOW the materials, but it isn’t tricky or difficult just for the sake of being difficult. The majority of our cannabis training requires a 70% grade in order to complete (unless noted) and your certificate is immediately issued. That said, to preserve the exclusivity and importance of this designation, we have made the assessments challenging and the questions pertain to our proprietary methodologies, so you shouldn’t expect to be able to pass just because you have taken other training… we are VERY different compared to our competitors and our assessments will reflect those differences.
Yes! If you do not receive a passing grade (typically 70% or above is required) you may retake the assessment an unlimited number of times. After each failed attempt, you will receive immediate FEEDBACK why it was wrong and provide you with some additional learning.
No! A certificate of completion and a digital badge that can simply be purchased simply isn’t WORTH the paper it’s printed on. That’s why our eLearning solutions can be challenging. If we’re going to allow you to display anything that is issued by us, then you better believe you’re going to have to apply yourself in order to earn it and to display it as your proof!
Easily! You or anyone can verify the authenticity of your certificate by going to the “Verify Certificate” tool (click here) using the unique code found on your certificate. Your certificates are assigned a unique code to VERIFY it in our Learning Management System (LMS) that way anyone can validate it by entering the custom code displayed to confirm its authenticity. Remember, that you can always access your issued certificate(s) from your account in our LMS, under the “More” section (click here) in your profile. It is possible that you may complete several pieces of training – each with their OWN certificate – it would be time-consuming to visit every course to download all your certificates that have been issued. To avoid this, on your profile, you can view all the certificates that have been issued to you. Go to your profile page under “Miscellaneous” and click on “My Certificates” which will take you to your ISSUED certificates and you can simply download them all at one (1) time.
It’s simple! We utilize Badgr’s industry-leading credentialing solution to issue our digital badges so you can take your credentials with you, wherever you go, building a rich PICTURE of your lifelong learning journey to display what cannabis industry training you’ve completed. You can easily share your digital badge on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and there are two (2) different ways you can share with LinkedIn – as a post to your profile’s “Feed” or to the “Certifications” section. To enable Badgr (click here), you first need to create an account on then you will be able to CONNECT by going through the following steps to get started:
  1. In the user menu (top right), select “Preferences,” then “Backpack Settings” under “Badges” (click here) in your account on our platform.
  2. Enter your Badgr user account email and password.
  3. Look in your mailbox for a verification email so you can copy and paste the link to verify the connection to your account on our platform.
You can share badges on social media (click here) from the “Award Email” you receive or from your backpack since it provides ways to SHARE badges (“URL Link” and “Embed Code”).

Monthly! But don’t feel like you have to consume everything the moment it’s released… everything NEW that we create is published from the “Platform Roadmap” (click here) into our solutions, so there’s no rush or pressure to access it in “real-time.” Think of us as your always-available, training library… there’s a reason why we’re called “Netflix for Cannabis”…

Of course! We provide access to resume writing services so you can be ready to apply for posted job openings when you are browsing through available positions in the cannabis industry. The industry is currently BOOMING around the world and now is the time to get involved in the fastest growing industry that is happening on our planet earth right now. There are numerous career opportunities opening on job boards or career websites every day. We always recommend checking locally too since the industry is RAPIDLY growing, you will never know what cannabis industry opportunities that will be in your own backyard.