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Canvas Network™ Integration
Canvas Network™ integration is a “Digital Backpack” to store credentials issued & learners can then share their credentials directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. profiles. 🥳

Canvas Network™ Sync

Social Equity Program
We're Empowering Underrepresented People to Create Opportunities & Believe That Cannabis Can Will Be THE "Ultimate Lever" Where Lasting Differences Make Them Excited to "Get Out of Bed Each Morning".
Individual Scholarships & Business Discounts

By helping to remove hurdles for under-represented entrepreneurs and future leaders, they’re realigning our industry’s “true soul” with more IMPACT, meaning, and happiness that will deliver them even greater profits. Here’s how we help:

"Helping Catalyze Our Social Equity Community That Makes An Empowering IMPACT Around Their Mission..."

Industry Impact Program
We Support Military Veterans (Those Who Have Already Given) & Individuals With Disabilities (ADA Section 508 Compliant) by "Giving-Back" Knowledge That'll Make a HUGE Impact Within Their Lives Everyday.
Military Veterans & Disabled Individuals

This program “gives back” to military service members & anyone with disabilities by providing Educational Technologies (Ed-Tech) to ENSURE our eLearning solutions are 100% accessible plus meet the American Disability Act (ADA).

A transformative SHIFT is happening right now in cannabis & what worked before is no longer an option. In this “global shift,” entire populations are rethinking old beliefs about cannabis so let’s re-write the rules for the future.

"Helping Catalyze Our Industry Impact Community That Makes An Empowering IMPACT Around Their Mission..."

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Career Opportunities
Cannabis Organizations Have Hard Times Finding The "Right Talent" They Need & Talented Workers Aren't Sure Where Look Either So We're Connecting Everyone With Opportunities.
We provide our "Industry Resources" to help since it can be difficult to find a job and we can NOT guarantee job opportunities or employment. With the ever-changing legal landscape, it is impossible to guarantee a job and you should question anyone who makes that claim. There's a lot that goes into getting started, but we'll ensure you're competitive so you'll stand above the "forest of people" trying to get into cannabis too. 💯

Create a listing, then our alumni will reach out to you… Once you register for our Manager Portal, we equip you with the necessary tools for all your cannabis hiring needs. Whether you’re seeking temporary staff or experienced executives, we’re your comprehensive solution for cannabis hires. By adding your company’s “Careers Page” or website link, you can easily recruit our trained alumni, further reducing training expenses.

  • Career Listings
  • HR Partnerships
  • Talent Acquisition

Our vast partner network offers the industry’s most extensive talent database. Collaborating with major cannabis recruiters and specialized staffing agencies, our network supports every step of the recruitment process.

Platform Roadmap​

Great Solutions Require Community Collaboration To Have Impacting Results so Our Platform Roadmap Showcases New Features That We'll Implement via "Ideas" You'll Add & Ones Most-Voted.