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Cannabis Business Diversity Plan Training

At the heart of your business, you want to actively seek to inspire and nurture the human spirit. Understanding that each person brings distinct life experiences to the workplace environment. Your commitment to diversity is not only a business imperative but a social imperative as well. Workplace diversity is more than recognizing differences. It’s about embracing and accommodating the panoply of ideas, thoughts, perspectives, abilities, needs, styles, and cultural backgrounds your people bring to work every day. Your partners are diverse not only in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and age but also in cultural backgrounds, life experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

  • Describe the elements of the Diversity and Inclusion Plan.
  • List the training, mentoring, and career development resources for dispensary team members.
  • Explain the cannabis business strategic objectives to diversify your workforce, educate employees, patients, physicians, and caregivers.
  • Examples and explain the five diversity goals:
    • Becoming an Employer of Choice
    • Inclusion Throughout the Employment Lifecycle
    • Organizational and Community Resource Platforms
    • Commitment to Partnering with Diverse Vendors
    • Measuring Shared Accountability and Responsibility
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