Massachusetts Delivery Driver Certification


Training Time: 2:51 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 90-Day Access

Credential Issued: Badge & Certificate

CCC Authorized: #RVN453682


Product Quantity Discount Price per Unit
5 - 24 20% $29.60
25 - 49 30% $25.90
50+ 40% $22.20

Massachusetts Delivery Driver Certification

Accredited: Green CulturED is an approved Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT) authorized by Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) (Approval: #RVN453682) to ensure agents receive annual training to remain in compliance.

Our Marijuana Delivery Driver Certification (Core Curriculum) is required along with the Basic and Advanced Core RVT Curriculum since Marijuana Establishment Agents who are conducting delivery must complete this training before making their first delivery. Every “Marijuana Courier” and “Marijuana Delivery Operator” license is a stand-alone license that allows drivers to conduct compliant deliveries.

Delivery services in Massachusetts are rapidly gaining popularity yet one of the biggest complications is meeting all operation compliance standards while 100% ensuring that customers are satisfied with their interactions. Operating legally and providing an exceptional “customer experience” is extremely important when running a marijuana delivery service so this will train your delivery drivers to perform in a way to increase a brand’s reputation and all “customer experiences”.

Learn how a “Marijuana Courier” are allowed to deliver products to patients and consumers from all licensed “Marijuana Retail Establishments” or any “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center”. Yet, “Marijuana Delivery Operators” are allowed to purchase products from licensed “Marijuana Cultivators” and “Marijuana Product Manufacturers” who then can turn around to deliver to a consumer’s residence.

Discover how a “Delivery Endorsement” is expanded permission to perform delivery operations that is added to an existing license. It is like having a driver’s license for a car and then getting permission to operate a motorcycle and then receiving a motorcycle endorsement. Delivery drivers will all be required to go through annual training to run a compliance operation, which will require well-written and thought-out policies that are used for delivery driver “best practices”.

In this certification, topics will be covered such as how deliveries are performed, how to be efficient, what is expected of the driver, the legal requirements of all marijuana delivery, safety, and security protocols, how to handle transactions, how to interact with customers, and how to do it all in a timely and efficient manner.