New Jersey Responsible Vendor Certification


Training Time: 8:00 Hours (Required)
Enrollment Duration: 90-Day Access
Credential Issued: Badge Certificate
CRC Authorized: PENDING

Product Quantity Discount Price per Unit
5 - 24 20% $77.60
25 - 49 30% $67.90
50+ 40% $58.20


New Jersey Responsible Vendor Certification

Accredited: Green CulturED has been will be applying with the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) (Approval: #PENDING) as a provider to deliver Responsible Vendor Training for all licensed retail operations.

The CRC develops policies, procedures, and regulations for helping implement programs that ensure medical cannabis is available to qualifying patients in a safe and effective manner. This RVT certification is made for every registered agent working on the “dispensary frontlines” in New Jersey’s regulated cannabis industry to make medical cannabis available to qualifying patients in a safe and effective manner. Completing compliance programs will help to help ensure a high-quality consumer experience and provide comprehensive training resources for agents.

Learn the purpose of the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) is to develop all the policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations to implement programs to make regulated cannabis commercially available. We’re an organization designated by CRC to provide this RVT that’s a separate and independent body that’s been approved to provide training to registered agents of New Jersey licensed cannabis dispensaries. The RVT program must prepare all participants to pass a post-training test with a score of 70%+ or better to finish.

This covers federal and state cannabis laws and regulations along with other laws and regulations pertinent to the dispensary agent’s responsibilities. In addition, a wide range of cannabis industry topics are covered, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), diversion detection and prevention of cannabis theft, security, and safety procedures, cannabis pharmacology and all of its active components, potential drug interactions, and safety issues for cannabis usage, and much more.

Our RVT certification support licensee compliance and enhances the public safety of New Jersey consumers as they consume cannabis and dispensary employees when they’re working. All licensed dispensaries must ensure all their employees receive this annual training that’s been designated as an RVT signifies that our training materials have been vetted by the CRC to meet the legal compliance mandates.


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