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Cannabis Soil Containers

To cultivate thriving plants and have a successful harvest, you must understand how soil containers are used. More often than not, growers use containers for their cannabis plants. In this training, you will learn all you need to know about appropriate containers for your plants, drainage, and more.

In our Soil Containers training, you will explore the various types of growing containers, including the costs and benefits of each type. This will allow you to select the container type that makes the most sense for your cannabis plants.

You will even learn about more non-traditional types of growing containers that can be highly effective, practical, and inexpensive. You will learn the top tips and tricks to grow thriving cannabis in containers with this training. You will also examine how to ensure appropriate drainage and nutrient absorption.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the best size, shape, and color containers to use for your plants
  • You will explore container material and other characteristics and what works before for cannabis
  • You will learn the importance of drainage for healthy plants and how to do it
  • You will master container maintenance to ensure healthy harvests continously


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