Soil Growing



Training Time: 57 Minutes (Average)
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Soil Growing

Whether you grow indoors or out, in a container or directly in the ground, you must understand how to properly maintain your soil. The soil is made up of many mineral particles mixed with living and dead organic matter so the soil is a critical factor for the health of your cannabis plants.

You will learn all the information you need about keeping your soil in optimal condition for your cannabis plants. In our Soil Growing training, you will dig deep into the primary factors leading to cannabis quality: soil texture, soil pH, and nutrient content. You will learn how to maintain your soil’s temperature as well, to ensure your cannabis can thrive.

The needs of your cannabis will vary based on the texture or type of soil you have. In this training, you will explore how to meet the needs of cannabis growing in any soil texture. Additionally, you will learn about the pH scale, how to measure pH, and how to maintain the ideal pH level for your cannabis.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the different soil textures and how to achieve optimal texture for your plants
  • You will explore a variety of ways to easily manage your soil temperature
  • You will learn about the pH scale, and how to measure and manage the pH
  • You will master the differences between potting soil and soil-less mixes, and when to use both
Soil Growing


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Soil Growing

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