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Training Time: 6:28 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 90-Day Access

Equivalency: OSHA & FDA Standards

Credential Issued: Digital Certificate

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Vermont General Employee Compliance

General Employee Training: within 60 days of hire and annually after that, employees of Cannabis Establishments must complete trainings regarding the following topics, except that employees of retail establishments may not sell Cannabis or Cannabis Products to consumers without first completing trainings regarding the first 5 topics of the following list:

  • The Cannabis Establishment’s operating, security, health, safety, and sanitary procedures
  • Compliance, enforcement, inspection, incident reporting, and record-keeping
  • Acceptable forms of identification for staff and visitors, if permitted by this rule
  • Inventory control and appropriate tracking systems
  • Cash handling
  • Human trafficking and domestic violence awareness
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Racism and bias
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination

This New Hire Onboarding Program is tailored for anyone new to the cannabis industry to “hit the ground running” or for whoever needs some refresher/annual-type of compliance training. Discover a comprehensive overview of some of the key requirements when operating in the cannabis industry. As they say, we’re all actually in the “business of compliance” so take a forward approach with hiring.

Designed to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and applied specifically to the cannabis workplace, this program includes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) best practices to make meeting your regulatory compliance obligations easy. Easily onboard new team members by accelerating their learning curve so they can be productive within your operation earlier by investing in their knowledge that’s essential to succeed.

This onboarding program is designed to satisfy regulatory requirements in any regulated jurisdiction/market and “agnostically” meet compliance training needs for new hires in the cannabis industry. This program is very structured to create a streamlined, sustainable onboarding experience and professional growth that’ll simplify all those Human Resources (HR) processes.

Make this your “crash course” training program for all new hires who have little to no experience so your workplace has a “baseline level” of knowledge. This helps to establish a “company culture” of safety to ensure compliance requirements happen automatically. Our off-the-shelf onboarding program is highly engaging and helps your new team members learn essential topics to succeed in the commercial cannabis industry.

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Micro-Learning Format

  • Time: 6:28 Hours (Average)
  • Video: 6 Self-Paced Trainings
  • Resource: 6 eBooks (PDF)
  • Assessment: 6 Quizzes
  • Grade: 70%+ Required
  • Display: Digital Certificate
  • Language: English (CC)
  • Enrollment: 90-Day Access
  • Format: On-Demand Video

Core Curriculum

Make Onboarding New Team Members Easy Using Our Program That’ll Ensure Cannabis Industry Training Happens Instantly With No-Effort Managing It.

Cannabis Chemistry

Learn how cannabis is a complex plant with over 400+ chemical entities in this intro to cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, ECS system, biosynthesis, etc.

Time: 31 Minutes (Average)

eBook: 13 Pages (PDF File)

Quiz: 10 Questions (70%+)

Business Operations

Learn how to facilitate the best operations to take care of customers, handle law enforcement encounters, what to do in emergencies, and safely handle products.

Time: 1:30 Hours (Average)

eBook: 32 Pages (PDF File)

Quiz: 20 Questions (70%+)

Plant Use History

Learn how it originated in central Asia or western China and has been used for its alleged healing medical properties via documented cases of it back in 2,800 BC.

Time: 52 Minutes (Average)

eBook: 15 Pages (PDF File)

Quiz: 20 Questions (70%+)

Worker Safety

Learn hazards workers find commonly in the cannabis industry to help build safety and health programs since compliance regulations that always apply to workplaces.

Time: 1:02 Hours (Average)

eBook: 21 Pages (PDF File)

Quiz: 20 Questions (70%+)

Industry Practices

Discover “best practices” commonly implemented in all cannabis operations since safety and security issues will put individuals at risk when they’re working.

Time: 1:55 Hours (Average)

eBook: 51 Pages (PDF File)

Quiz: 20 Questions (70%+)

Technology Security

Recognize cyber-attacks and how to respond to all security issues so you can bring awareness based on different risks encountered in information technology.

Time: 37 Minutes (Average)

eBook: 15 Pages (PDF File)

Quiz: 10 Questions (70%+)

Micro-Learning Experience

Engaging & Interactive Training

  • Access to all micro-learning videos, each is filled with engaging videos & digital materials created by leading EXPERTS who do this every day in the cannabis industry.

Supplemental Learning Activities

  • Downloadable resources & access activities anytime from any device or via our Mobile App to complete your training anywhere & even 100% offline (NO Internet is required).

Knowledge Assessment Quiz

  • Assessments are at the very end of every micro-learning module so you'll need to ACHIEVE a grade of at least 70% to assess & validate your cannabis industry knowledge.

Digital Certificates & Badges

  • Upon passing, instantly receive your digital certificate(s) and/or badge(s) that acknowledges your accomplishment & DISPLAY your knowledge on LinkedIn to build credibility.

Responsive Support Team

  • You’ll see we’re quite different by how our team provides a thoughtful, HUMAN response to all your inquiries in two (2) hours or less (during Monday – Friday business hours).

Members-Only Community

  • You'll join our EXCLUSIVE member community, where we'll help you build a network with professionals in the cannabis industry & alert you to opportunities that fit your skillset.

Accreditation & Authorization

Our "Claim-to-Fame" is Being The "Most Accredited (or Authorized)" Training Provider in The Industry to ENSURE What We Do Actually Meets All Those Cannabis Regulator Requirements.

Colorado MED

We're authorized by Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to deliver our entire Responsible Vendor, Cannabis Delivery, Hospitality & Social Consumption required training.

MED Authorized

Massachusetts CCC

We've been authorized by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) in Massachusetts state to provide the Basic & Advanced Responsible Vendor Training Curriculum that is required.

CCC Authorized

Illinois IDFPR

We're authorized by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to provide their state-required Responsible Vendor compliance training for handling cannabis.

IDFPR Authorized

West Virginia OMC

Authorized by West Virginia's Department of Health & Human Resources (DHHR) where the Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) has authorized our state-required industry education certification.

OMC Authorized

Alaska AMCO

Authorized by Alaska's Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) to deliver our entire Marijuana Handler Permit training that is required for all of the state's licensed establishment agents.

AMCO Authorized
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Federal OSHA

Authorized Outreach Trainers for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to provide Department of Labor (DOL) 10/30-Hour Card via our recognized Authorized OSHA Trainer team.

OSHA Authorized


Authorized by Utah Department of Agricultural & Food (UDAF) has authorized as a 3rd-party training program provider to certify all of the medical cannabis agents that are required to be compliant.

Utah Authorized

Washington DOH

Authorized by Washington's Department of Health (DOH) to provide their medical cannabis consultant training program that is required in all licensed retail stores with a medical endorsement.

Washington Authorized

Washington DC DOH

We're authorized by Washington D.C.'s Department of Health (DOH) to deliver their medical cannabis industry certification that will be required for every manager of licensed facilities in the district.

District Authorized

Ohio BOP

Authorized by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy (BOP) as a foundational dispensary & continuing education to certify all employees that are required to be compliant in the state's medical cannabis industry.

Ohio Authorized

Vermont CCB

Authorized by the Vermont Cannabis Control Board (CCB) as an authorized trainer of customer-facing employees of retail cannabis establishments in the state to legally sell products to consumers.

Vermont Authorized


We're authorized by Maryland's Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) to deliver their Cannabis Dispensary Agent Training (CDAT) as a responsible training provider that's required to be compliant.

Maryland Authorized

Federal EPA

Authorized Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Trainers for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide their compliance training to "Agricultural Workers" & "Pesticide Handlers" employees.

EPA Authorized

NCIA Association

We're a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) who's a top-notch non-profit that's always advancing the interests of our cannabis & how they're supporting our economy.

NCIA Member

SHRM Membership

As a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which is a professional membership association that promotes the role of Human Resources (HR) via education.

SHRM Member