West Virginia Industry Certification

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West Virginia Cannabis Industry Certification

Authorized: Green CulturED is approved by West Virginia’s Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) through the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) to provide this state-required cannabis industry training certification.

Known as the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act, this decree has emerged as the cornerstone for all individuals, principals, and employees, wishing to immerse themselves in the medical cannabis industry. Every such individual must undergo a mandated certification process, ensuring compliance and deep-rooted understanding of the state’s cannabis regulations.

Within the parameters of this certification, you’ll explore a plethora of regulations which dictate the course of action for every cannabis enterprise. One remarkable fact is that the state has meticulously laid out its stipulations, encompassing all operational facets – from seed to sale. This includes, but isn’t limited to, processes such as the authentication of medicinal cannabis handling record maintenance, the prevention of unauthorized activities methods of reporting.

The West Virginia guidelines extensively shed light on methodologies for inventory management, secure storage, robust security measures, and maintaining transparent reporting procedures. In addition, participants will learn the strategic layout for handling emergencies and managing chemicals, pivotal for the safe processing and utilization of medical cannabis.

The state’s exhaustive regulations encompass the entirety of cannabis operations, right from the cultivation phase to its final dispensation to patients and their caregivers. The state’s provisions assure that every authorized entity and individual, involved in growing, testing, selling, storing, transporting, and pricing, is in complete alignment with the prescribed legal boundaries.

By acquiring this certification, not only do businesses reassure their credibility but they also play a significant role in educating patients about lawful cannabis usage. In conclusion, while many might be aware of the medical benefits of cannabis, a lesser-known fact remains that West Virginia, through its Medical Cannabis Act, has laid the groundwork for an organized, safe, and regulated ecosystem. This certification stands testament to the state’s commitment towards a structured and secure medical cannabis landscape.

Micro-Learning Format

Responsible Vendor Training

Our Acclaimed Status As "The Most Accredited" Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) Provider In The Cannabis Industry Exhibits Our Educational Commitment That'll Ensure Full Compliance With Government Requirements.

Authorized: AMCO-Approved

Marijuana Handler Permit Training


General Employee & Management Team

MED Approval: #RV-00034

Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)

Authorized: IDFPR-Approved

Responsible Vendor Training Organization

Alaska Alcohol & Marijuana Control Board (AMCO)

Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC)

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED)

Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation

MCA Authorized: PENDING

Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)

CCC Approval: #DCC462233

Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)

Authorized: MDOR-Approved

Cannabis Worker Certification

CRC Authorized: PENDING

Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)

Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA)

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC)

Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR)

New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC)

OCM Authorized: PENDING

Workforce Development Program

BOP Authorized: PENDING

Cannabis Dispensary Certification

Authorized: UDAF-Approved

Medical Agent Certification

Authorized: CCB-Approved

Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)

New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM)

Ohio Board of Pharmacy (BOP)

Utah Department of Food & Agriculture (UDAF)

Vermont Cannabis Control Board (CCB)

Authorized: DOH-Approved

Medical Cannabis Consultant

Authorized: ABCA-Approved

Medical Cannabis Certification

Authorized: OMC-Approved

Medical Cannabis Certification

Washington Department of Health (DOH)

Washington D.C. Alcoholic Beverage & Cannabis Administration (ABCA)

West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC)

International Standards

Steering International Standards, Our Compliance Training Showcases "Global Excellence", Meticulously Designed For The Cannabis Industry, Guaranteeing Your Workforce's Unwavering Regulatory Compliance.

Authorized: PENDING

Cannabis Handler Certification

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA Authorized: Outreach Trainers

10/30-Hour OSHA General Industry

EPA Authorized: PENDING

Cannabis Dispensary Certification

FDA Authorized: PENDING

Food Course Handler Certification

ANAB/ANSI National Accreditation Board

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Workplace Compliance Programs

Our "Benchmarked Excellence" In Workplace Compliance Training Is Unrivaled, Tailored Specifically For The Cannabis Industry, Ensuring Adherence To All Workforce And Government Mandates.


SB 1343 Law: Sexual Harassment Training


State Law:


State Law:


State Law:





Harassment Training

State Law:

State Law:

Harassment Training

Harassment Training

State Law:

Harassment Training

State Law:



New Jersey

State Law:

Harassment Training

State Law:

Harassment Training

State Law:

Harassment Training

State Law:

Harassment Training

New York

Rhode Island



State Law: PENDING

Harassment Training

Washington D.C.

Subject Matter Experts

Education RELIES Professional Ongoing "Cannabis World Connections" So Our Subject Matter Experts (SME's), Cited Scientific Research Studies & Industry Thought-Leaders Keep Us Dialed Into Latest Developments.

Dr. William McDonald

Medical Education Director

Yosiris Rodríguez, J.D.

Legal Education Director

Andy LaFrate, Ph.D.

Laboratory & Testing Advisor

Rachel Kurtz-McAlaine, J.D.

Government Regulations Advisor

Dr. Bradley Pennington

Medical Education Advisor

Rachel Johnson, MBA

Cannabis Industry Advisor

Jordan Erickson

Cannabis Cultivation Advisor

Layle McFatridge

Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT)

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin

Functional Medicine Advisor

Rob McEvoy

Cannabis Industry Advisor

Evan Erickson

Authorized OSHA Trainer

Samierah O'Bryant-Yabar

Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT)

Tony Weeks, J.D.

Legal Education Advisor

Art Cosner, MPH

Healthcare Management Advisor

Kiana Hughes

Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT)

+ More Subject Matter Experts

1,000+ Scientifically-Cited Research Studies

Over 1,000+ Peer-Reviewed Research Citations Are Referenced Within Our Curriculum From Cannabis Scientists, Legal Experts & Medical Professionals Support Our Subject Matter Experts (SME's) & Instructional Design Development.
Cited Experts

Expert Citations

To Maintain Up-to-Date Education We Reference Peer-Reviewed Research From Cannabis Experts' Citation(s) Utilized During Curriculum Development & Are Available As "Public Domain Information."

Important: Referenced expert(s) cited is "Public Domain" information, they're not affiliated with Green CulturED, so NO "endorsement" or "authorization" should be inferred by citation(s).

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

Dr. Bonni Goldstein

Dr. Andrew Weil

Swami Chaitanya

Melanie Dreher, Ph.D.

Mel Frank

Dr. Lester Grinspoon

Dr. Andrea Hohmann

Neil Juneja, J.D.

Allyn Howlett, Ph.D.

Dr. Ethan Russo

Frenchy Cannoli

Dr. Zach Walsh, Ph.D.

Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN

Ammon J. Ford, J.D.

Nishi Whiteley, J.D.

Dr. Mark Ware

Dr. Lumir Hanus

Charles Whitebread, J.D.

Dr. Mark Merlin

Sunil Aggarwal, M.D., Ph.D.

Jahan Marcu, Ph.D.

Dr. Nephi Stella

Allyn Howlett, Ph.D.

Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo

Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen

Bernard Le Foll, M.D., Ph.D., MCFP

Dr. Rudolf Brenneisen

Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya

Dr. Igor Grant

Laura Borgelt, Ph.D.

Donald Abrams, M.D.

Philippe Lucas Ph.D.

Dr. Donald P. Tashkin

Dr. Robert Melamede

Dr. Suzanne Nielsen

Dr. David Bearman

Professor Roger Pertwee

Dr. David Allen

1,000+ Expert Citations & Research Studies

Micro-Learning Modules

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West Virginia State Laws (WV)

Video: 41:40 Minutes

eBook: 31 Pages

Quiz: 20 Questions

Grade: 70%+ Required

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Safety and Security Best Practices

Video: 1:27 Hours

eBook: 51 Pages

Quiz: 20 Questions

Grade: 70%+ Required

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0 Topics

Preventing and Detecting Diversion

Video: 45:27 Minutes

eBook: 24 Pages

Quiz: 20 Questions

Grade: 70%+ Required

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0 Topics

Valid and Fake Identification

Video: 40:13 Minutes

eBook: 21 Pages

Quiz: 20 Questions

Grade: 70%+ Required

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Course Evaluation

Questions: 15 Required

Format: Likert Scale

Feedback: Open-Ended

Language: English

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Professional Certification

Inside Our Ground-Breaking Certifications, You’ll Find the Latest Industry Techniques & Cannabis Strategies Needed To LAUNCH Your Knowledge... Become Certified Without Headaches Figuring It Out.

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We started this with the purpose of bringing people TOGETHER to help encourage you never to accept the unacceptable, to turn all challenges into their own opportunities & push boundaries that makes a difference.

70% Passing Grade

A passing grade of 70% or above is REQUIRED (for the majority) of all your assessments & there’s immediate “correct feedback” on “incorrect answers” so you will have unlimited attempts to pass.

Digital Credentials

You’ll get a printable certificate suitable for framing & a digital badge to show PROOF on LinkedIn, websites & emails of your industry skills, and/or use when you’re applying to jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we don’t offer a complete free certification trial, we do provide a 90-day trial period. This allows you to experience a snippet of our training and get a feel for our unique online micro-learning approach. If you find you need more than 90 days, simply re-enroll for another trial period.
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Absolutely! Our accreditation varies, with recognition from entities like Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board and Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, among others. While our content is crafted to be globally relevant, proficiency in English is essential. We’re always expanding our accredited courses in collaboration with industry experts.

Yes, we do! Our comprehensive eLearning package, termed “Headquarters” or “HQ”, is designed to seamlessly integrate with your team, enhancing profitability and compliance. Our platform is trusted globally, and we’re always updating our content based on industry feedback.
Being certified amplifies your industry credibility. Our courses not only give you a competitive edge but also equip you with invaluable knowledge. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast, a professional, a service provider, or a business owner, our training caters to all, ensuring you stay ahead in the industry.
Our certification is a testament to your expertise. It’s not just about the badge; it’s about the in-depth knowledge and skills you acquire. Our courses are designed by industry leaders, ensuring you get top-notch training. Whether you’re looking to enhance your career, learn the latest trends, or elevate your team’s performance, our certifications are tailored for you.
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Our exams are designed to be challenging yet fair. A passing grade is typically 70%. The questions are based on our unique methodologies, ensuring you’ve grasped the content thoroughly.
Absolutely! If you don’t pass on the first try, you can retake the exam as many times as needed. After each attempt, you’ll receive feedback to help you improve.
No, our certifications are earned, not given. They’re a mark of genuine expertise, so you’ll need to put in the effort to achieve them.
Currently, we only offer certification courses due to compliance requirements. However, this may change in the future.
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