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Cannabis Product Metadata

Once you’ve settled on the right inventory management solution for your store, it’s time to set up your products in the system. This process can vary slightly depending on the program your system uses, but typically, you’ll have the option of either importing product info directly from an Excel/CSV file or entering the information manually….

Inventory Accuracy & Cannabis Product Auditing

Even with an integrated, compliant inventory and Point-of-Sale (POS) system in place, you’ll still need to conduct regular inventory audits to ensure that the amount of merchandise you have in your system is consistent with what you actually have in your store (try out our METRC cannabis tracking training). Why is this important? Here are…

Cannabis Product Inventory Management

Ask any successful retailer what the key to a healthy, profitable business is and they’ll tell you: proper inventory management. Without it, sales suffer, customer satisfaction tanks and your bottom line takes a serious hit. Cannabis retail is no different. In fact, in our industry, inventory control is not only inextricably linked to profitability ($$$),…