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Marijuana Calendar and Checklist

marijuana calendar

Having a marijuana calendar and checklist helps growers to know what they need to prepare for and when to do it. The checklist creates a necessary routine to the process of growing. After a few cycles of growing, you will know better what to do, when to do it and then adapt your own way of…

Cannabis Lighting w/ Mercury Vapor Lamps

The oldest and most well-known member of the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting family is the mercury vapor lamp. These lighting systems were developed in the early 1900’s and didn’t really catch on until about the mid-1900’s. Mercury lamps are not the best for growing due to its poor lighting spectrum and very low lumens-per-watt which makes…

Bulbs For Lighting and Lamps

cannabis lighting

Incandescent Lamps Incandescent lighting is produced by sending electricity through a filament (superfine wire) where it incurs resistance then heats it up causing it to glow. These light bulbs will work with any ordinary home light socket for cannabis lighting. These bulbs have a light spectrum that goes into the far red-color of the light spectrum….

CFL Lights For Weed Growing Indoors

cfl lights for weed

Another type of fluorescent lighting is called Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s). Their lights are larger in diameter than regular CFL lights for weed lighting but have a great impact on small indoor gardens. These lights have: Increased power Smaller in size Utilize electronic ballast CFL bulbs come in many different wattage sizes ranging from 40 – 250…

Cannabis GOLD – The Best Use Of Marijuana Grow Lights

cfl lights for cannabis

Some of the most productive for cloning and vegetative growth that are used by growers are fluorescent grow lights and growers even use these lights to flower their gardens. These lighting systems use long glass tube lights that you can use different spectrum bulbs in. These systems allow you to use a single light spectrum bulb in…

KNOW? Anything About Cannabis Lighting

cannabis lighting

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs are a type of electrical lamp that used for cannabis lighting which produces light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodes housed inside a translucent or transparent fused quartz or fused alumina arc tube. This tube is filled with both gas and metal salts, the gas facilitates the arc’s…