Individual Quiz Reporting Offers Detailed Insights For Team Leaders By Selecting Specific Team Members & Displays Activity-Type, Score Received + More Detailed Reports For Their Assigned Training Required.

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Individual Quiz Report Report outputs Team Member scores across all teams when viewing this training data, so this report can be used to see a consolidated list of quiz results. What’s especially powerful with the Individual Quiz Report is that Team Members listed in the report are hyperlinked from the general Quiz Lookup Report to drill-down into specific Team Members & report their completion results.

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Team Reports

Team Leaders Have Enhanced Reporting That Enables Seamless Tracking To Easily Report Progress Across All Training Ensures Team Engagement & Effective Performance Analysis.

Team Analytics

Empower all Team Members' professional growth by utilizing comprehensive learning analytics that'll enable Team Leaders to effortlessly monitor progress, track training completions & understand team engagement.

Manager Reports

Leverage detailed Team Leader reports to oversee every Team Member's assessment scores, course completions & overall progress, ensuring your team is on track to meet their required learning objectives.

Digital Credentials

Team Members earn certificates & badges that Team Leaders receive via email and/or bulk download for streamlining their compliance, training records management & highlight their achievements via digital credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand Your Insights! Our analytics provide three (3) “Core Reports” which are the “User Reports,” “Course Reports,” and “Tin Can Reports” that offer Team Leaders insights into their teams’ overall performance in their learning activities. Team Leaders will see consolidated data of their assigned teams, so if they are assigned to multiple teams they will see all of that data consolidated within the reports, yet data can be filtered by a specific team. We support instant sorting, filtering, and searching inside data tables too, and our robust reporting infrastructure is designed for Team Leaders.

1. User Report

The User Report facilitates monitoring the progress of learners in their enrolled courses. Initially, it displays a list of all users in the system, but you can search for a particular individual using their name or email address. Additionally, sorting the list by any column heading is possible (ex. “Team Member Name,” etc.).

Team Leaders can view consolidated user data of their assigned groups, and if assigned to multiple groups, all data will be amalgamated in the User Report. Clicking on a row will take you to a detailed list of courses that the user is enrolled in, along with their overall progress in those courses. Further clicking within a row in the course list table unveils the user’s progress in that particular course, showcasing overall performance and detailed activities of modules, quizzes, and their grades. The interface also allows for the adjustment of visible columns, and data can be exported for further analysis, enhancing the flexibility and utility of the report.

2. Course Report

The Course Report provides a high-level synopsis of your team’s dynamics, showcasing the total number of users, course completions, and activities over the last month. Additionally, it highlights the top three courses with the highest and lowest completion rates (toggle between most and least completed courses using the drop-down menu).

Within the overview charts, a list of all courses alongside enrollment data, and progress and completion statuses are displayed. Data can be organized by any column heading or located using the Search field for a particular course. Clicking on a course (or any value in the same row) opens a more detailed view of the course, encompassing overall performance data and a list of enrolled users.

Team Leaders will see consolidated course data of their assigned groups. If a Team Leader is responsible for multiple groups, all relevant data will be amalgamated in the Course Report. 

3. Tin Can Report

The Tin Can Report enables Team Leaders to monitor user progress and completion of micro-learning modules designed utilizing Educational-Technology (Ed-Tech) standards and authoring tools. These tools facilitate the creation of interactive content like branching scenarios, studies, simulations, etc. so you’ll unearth a treasure trove of learning records derived from Team Member interactions.

Leverage robust filtering options to focus on specific data – whether it’s activities within a particular timeframe, Team Member completion status, or insights on a specific module. For training that generate a substantial amount of team data, potentially comprising hundreds of thousands of records, the “Export to CSV” feature is invaluable for further analysis in statistical programs, aiding in a deeper understanding of learning engagements.

Explore Use Cases! The Course Report, accessible from the Enrollment Management, enables Team Leaders to view course reports of their team members, delivering in-depth insight into course engagements, including completion metrics and recent learner activity. Utilize filters to view data for a specific Team Member, training, or different teams. The email feature further facilitates communication, enabling swift messaging to filtered users.

Uncover Profound Insights! Our platform extends a rich suite of reports, meticulously designed to elucidate the progress across specific modules or topics right on the front end. Exclusively accessible to Team Leaders, these comprehensive analytics can be seamlessly integrated to foster a deeper understanding of the learning trajectory. Initiating the data rendition is straightforward – simply select a team (optional), the pertinent course or micro-learning module of interest. Once your selections are articulated, the table meticulously curates and presents the data for Team Members enrolled in the chosen course. 

For those who seek a granular analysis, the data is exportable in CSV/Excel formats, facilitating a more nuanced exploration and filtering of the learning data. The user-centric design allows for columns to be effortlessly shown or hidden by clicking the “Customize columns” link, with an added provision to include time data for modules. This holistic approach to reporting not only unveils the learning dynamics but also empowers Team Leaders with actionable insights to drive continuous learning improvement.

Delve Into Performance Metrics! The Team Assessments Report, accessible under the Reports menu, unveils a comprehensive tableau of quiz performances. Kickstart the exploration by selecting the relevant team, course, and quiz from the dropdowns. A meticulously crafted table, showcasing each Team Member’s results for the chosen quiz, springs to life. When statistics for a quiz are enabled, links leading to detailed reports for each attempt accompany the general overview. 

The export feature allows a smooth transition of the results to a CSV/Excel file for further analysis. The icon in the detailed report column serves as a gateway to a more granular view, per Team Member, for each question in the quiz, including their responses. By clicking “In Progress” on any Team Member within the main Enrollment Management page, individual reports become accessible, offering a snapshot of a Team Member’s progress across all enrolled courses. The coalescence of linked reports elevates the analytical potential – Team Members listed in the Team Leader report are hyperlinked to the user report, facilitating a deeper dive into each Team Member’s results across the spectrum. This interconnected reporting ecosystem not only elucidates the performance on quizzes but provides a sturdy foundation for an in-depth evaluation and continual enhancement of the learning journey.

Unlock Comprehensive Insights! The Quiz Lookup Report unveils a rich tapestry of quiz performances, delivering Team Member quiz scores and SCORM/xAPI scores across all courses for the viewer. This versatile report offers a consolidated view of results. A notable feature of this report is the integrated link functionality – entries in the Team Leader report are hyperlinked to the user report, crafting a seamless pathway for a more detailed exploration. 

This interconnected realm allows Team Leaders to delve deeper into each Team Member’s performance, unearthing a holistic understanding of their achievements across the spectrum of courses. Through this report, the analytical prowess is extended, facilitating a thorough examination of results, and fostering a conducive environment for performance analysis and continuous learning improvement.

Delve into Question Performance! This Quiz Question Lookup report provides a robust analysis tool to Team Leaders for reviewing responses to “Multiple-Choice” and “True/False” question types. A salient feature is the linkage between the Team Leader report and “User Report,” where Team Members listed are hyperlinked, facilitating a smooth navigation to detailed results. This lays down a pathway for Team Leaders to delve into each responses, thereby linking to individual score reports.

This report emerges as a powerful asset for scrutinizing question quality and performance with several noteworthy considerations:

  • Team Leaders have visibility over quizzes associated with their teams and the performance of their team members.
  • Color-coded percentages render an intuitive review of results. A green hue signifies a higher percentage of correct responses, transitioning to red as the percentage dwindles, indicating a potential challenge in question comprehension.
  • Insights extend to the average time spent on each question, output in seconds, fostering an understanding of time management across questions.
  • For a streamlined view, HTML, including images, is omitted from the “Question” column, ensuring a coherent layout for analysis.

The meticulous design of this report caters to a comprehensive analysis, shedding light on question performance, Team Member engagement, and aiding in the continuous enhancement of quiz content.

Easily Download Team Certificates! The Team Certificates Report is a pivotal interface where Team Leaders can download/print certificates earned by their Team Members. Upon their successful training completion a digital certificate is issued, so Team Leaders will have a “Certificate” button display in the reports respective row for individual Team Members to easily download their credentials.

Individual Certificate Notification

When a Team Member completes their training and a digital certificate is issued, our platform will also generate a PDF certificate file and attach it to an email that’s automatically sent to Team Leaders. This proactive email notification with their individual certificate PDF being sent to Team Leaders helps a seamless recordkeeping process that’s mandated by government regulators to meet compliance requirements.

This comprehensive setup ensures streamlined certificate management, enabling Team Leaders to efficiently manage, distribute, and maintain a record of the certifications earned by their Team Members.

Bulk Download Certificates

The “Bulk Download Certificates” is an indispensable functionality for Team Leaders to have certificate PDF files automatically sent via email as a .zip file to download. Team Leaders simply select which team certificates they want to download by clicking the “Generate Certificates” button it triggers our servers to start the certificate generation process (it takes 5 – 15 minutes to complete), which results in a .zip file with the PDF files of the teams’ certificates.

Post generation (takes 5 – 15 minutes), an email notification is sent with a download link for the .zip file and is dispatched to the Team Leader who initiated the generation. It’s worth noting that the link retains its validity for a span of twelve (12) hours post-issuance.

Be advised, the certificate generation process is resource-intensive for our servers so it processes in the background, potentially stretching beyond 15 minutes depending on the number of PDF certificates that must be generated.

Unlock Time-Tracking Insights! Training time is tracker for all Team Members to enrich our reporting and is included by adding columns displaying “Total Time” and “Completion Time.” Notably, the “Completion Time” value is populated upon the Team Member’s total time to achieve successful training completion.

This additional learning data is instrumental in tracking the time Team Members invest in their training, encompassing all activities within a course, module, quiz, etc. so both of these metrics can be exported in reports via CSV/Excel file. Time tracking initiates once a Team Member accesses their training and the corresponding time columns are seamlessly integrated into reporting data.

The tracking extends across all devices and courses, but tracking will stop when a user navigates away from our Learning Management System (LMS) like when navigating to new browser window. This time-tracking functionality operates exclusively within the browser window that’s required to maintain tracking.

Idle Learner Timeout

By stopping time tracking after Team Members become inactive in our Learning Management System (LMS) ensures accurate tracking of a their engagement time, as opposed to merely having a browser open and not “actively learning”.

After fifteen (15) minutes of “learning inactivity” the built-in mechanism in our LMS stops time tracking if a user remains inactive for this period of time. In such instances, a pop-up message will inquiring if the Team Member is still “active” on the page, once they confirm and learning activity resumes the time tracking continues. This ensures an accurate representation of learning engagement and a thorough analysis of their time investment during their training.

Delve Into Learning Dimensions! With our advanced reporting capabilities, Team Leaders can transcend traditional analysis and tap into a reservoir of insights to foster a conducive learning environment. The drill-down functionality, instant sorting, filtering, and searching within database tables equip Team Leaders with a macro view of learning activities, with the flexibility to zoom into specific modules or quizzes undertaken by individual Team Members. The export feature further augments data analysis by facilitating the export of table data to CSV/Excel files.

Embrace the versatility and depth of reporting that not only aligns with compliance and professional development goals but also unveils actionable insights to enhance the learning journey. Through a blend of micro and macro-analytical lenses, discover the realms of possibilities in nurturing an informed, competent, and forward-moving team.