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Utilize Enrollment Code Functionality Built Into Our Platform That Makes Enrolling "Easy As Pie" via This 1-Click Activation Process to Access Your Training & Get More Learning Done FASTER.

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To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

Manager Portal 

Code Management

Access All Enrollment Codes via "My Account" Order Details Area Where It'll Indicate What  Issued Code(s) Have Been Redeemed (or NOT).

Issue Team Members Pre-Paid Enrollment Codes & Manage Secure Codes From Your “Order Details” Area – Which Have Been Redeemed or Not – Along With Issuing via Email/SMS Messages.

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Quickly Purchase Your Team’s Enrollments In-Bulk by Using This Order Form to CURATE & Compile Our “Best-in-Class” Training Which Makes it Easy to Share With New Hires or Existing Ones.

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Note: By default, we always create single-purpose enrollment codes for certifications, so request a new one made for any training option.

Purchase Lists Provide an EASY, Quick Way When Managers Need to Re-Order Specific Training as Many Organizations Have Annual Compliance Requirements so Create New Orders via 1-Click.

Request a Line-of-Credit (LOC) Within Our Manager Portal so They Can Place Orders Using Their “Account LOC” Amount That’s Available & When Ordering It’ll Display Your Credit ($$$) Available.

Line-of-Credit (LOC) Adjustment

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Request Process

Requested Line-of-Credit (LOC) adjustment will be automatically approved and a team member will reach out if there are questions.

Your Teams’ Cannabis Knowledge Grows Here so Why Not Recruit From Our Alumni By Posting Your Website “Careers Page” & Make Team Onboarding Easy Using Our Resources?


Onboarding Resources

Our Partner Network Brings Decades of Cannabis Industry Experience That’ll Help Make Your Cannabis Operations Compliance Easier When Tapping-Into Our Partnerships w/ 1,000’s of PROS That’ll Assist.

Team Member Resources

Leadership Engagement Resources

Coming Soon!

Recruit New Hires

Your Teams’ Cannabis Knowledge Grows Here so Why Not Utilize Our Partner Network to Recruit Alumni via Posting Your Company’s “Job Page” to Lower Training Costs & Make Onboarding Easy.

Authorized Training Centers (Coming Soon!)

Our Partner Network Provides Access to Local Authorized Training Centers That Are Located Near Your Team to Find Authorized Training Providers (ATP's) Who Conduct Instructor-Led Training (ILT).


Manager Portal FAQs

Learn How We Streamline the Entire Training Management Process When Different Teams Require Varying Enrollments so Manager Portal Users Can Enroll Their Team.

Team Enrollment & Management

Basically... our Manager Portal solves all those unique challenges commonly faced by Human Resource (HR) departments or team leaders needing to manage compliance training requirements. We've extended our Manager Portal functionality in our platform to introduce 100's of new management features to utilize our Learning Management System (LMS) as an alternative to large and costly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The Manager Portal allows your team to use our LMS as its own at only a fraction of the cost. This Manager Portal adds additional payment methods (ex. invoicing, Subaccount order approvals, etc.) on the front-end portal to our platform for your team to manage enrollments into our LMS.

1) New Accounts: Request Portal or Subaccounts

For purposes of easy control over users, permissions, and access, they can be organized in groups to control aspects such as available payment methods or enrollment code access permissions. This Manager Portal introduces a type of hybrid mode that changes when a user logs in since our platform checks if see they are Manager Portal users (ex. your management team's Subaccounts). it then provides different rules, prices, options, etc. In this setup, individual learners do not even know that Manager Portal users have different experiences (ex. tuition-costs, payment methods, adding Subaccounts, etc.) are different only after users log in. Our Manager Portal aims to be a total eLearning solution for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and required compliance management since it provides all the features of other Learning Management System (LMS) platforms but without any exorbitant fees and commissions.

2) Existing Accounts: Request Manager Portal

ADD IMAGE This is just a brief introduction to our Manager Portal features, as there are dozens of other features and functionalities that you'll experience. New functionality is being developed by our team to handle complex registration field setup, Subaccount email permissions, discount tuition costs for specific products or orders, and many others that are being considered and tested by our development team in addition to our current features.
Buy and issue single-purpose enrollment codes for your team... The Manager Portal automatically applies multi-quantity order discounts when the minimum number of single-purpose codes are being ordered. This means that you can receive 20 - 40% OFF tuition costs (or 50% off through our "Social Equity Program") when you "pre-pay/buy enrollment codes." You can easily manage your team's enrollments while reducing training costs. A single-purpose enrollment code is used for a particular product. These codes will offset 100% of your team's enrollment tuition cost when using codes during enrollment. After activating an enrollment code our platform will perform a validation check to ensure the product they're purchasing is redeemable for that code, etc. Your team's enrollment costs are 100% discounted to provide a tuition-free enrollment.
Pre-Paid Codes (Multi-Quantity Discount)
20 - 40% Off (Team Enrollments)
Buying Codes = Reduced Tuition-Costs + Simplifies Team Enrollments
5 - 25 Code-Quantities (20% Tuition Discount)
26- 50 Code-Quantities (30% Tuition Discount)
51+ Code-Quantities (40% Tuition Discount)
Social Equity Business (50% Tuition Discount)

Bulk Order Form

The Bulk Order form (click here) allows you to order quickly buy enrollment codes, especially as Multi-State Operators (MSOs) often know exactly what they need, are repeating an order, etc. This provides a quick, bulk-order form that is also inserted by default in every user's Manager Portal. The enrollment codes are available in the Bulk Order form allowing you to easily create a new order or saved it as a Purchase List (click here), for easy, fast re-ordering later.
You buy, your team redeems...The single-product enrollment codes are generated once you've completed an order, and you will be granted access to the "Enrollment Codes. Once an enrollment code order is generated, it will be available in the Manager Portal. This is where you will view enrollment code orders and issue codes to your team members via sending an email and/or sharing a "secret URL" for them to easily enroll. They will then use the enrollment code as their payment method.
Keep money in the bank... by having digital wallet functionality, users on our platform are provided with another payment option for managers to easily share funds. Employees can pay tuition costs using digital funds for enrollments after a manager has deposited funds into the digital wallet. For managers, it's simple to add funds to an account using the "Add Funds" form on the wallet dashboard. When adding funds to wallets, managers will be able to enter the amount they wish to add and proceed through the normal check-out process.
Wallet System helps by implementing functionality in the Manager Portal that allows customers to make digital payments. Managers can add money to their wallets and track their transactions made using the wallet money. The Manager Portal can manage team member enrollments by transferring funds into their wallets and using digital funds to pay their tuition cost. The application of the digital wallet will improve the overall experience when managing team enrollments and helps to speed up the enrollment process.
The short answer is basically "all of them"... but when we provided you with access to our Manager Portal, there's a level of trust that we put into our relationship with you since you can basically purchase anything without any upfront payment being required. Team Member Enrollment Methods
  • Enrollment Codes (via "Activation")
  • Digital Wallet (Add/Request Funding)
  • Credit Card (Payment Info Saved)
  • Bitcoin (Accepting Cryptocurrencies)
Primary & Subaccounts Payment Types
  • Invoice (Pay via Mailing Check)
  • Company Line-of-Credit (LOC)
  • Purchase Order (Needs Setup Manually)
  • Digital Wallet (Share/Transfer Funds)
Important Note: Remember, a Subaccount (click here) will need to have their orders approved by the primary company account if the "Orders Require Approval" permission is enabled. In a nutshell, this allows the primary account users to require approval when one of their Subaccounts places an order. When configuring a Subaccount the primary company account users in the Manager Portal will see permission that controls this approval workflow (ex. "on" or "off").
Create a listing, then our alumni reach out to you... when you sign-up for our Manager Portal, we’ll give you the tools you need to make all of your cannabis hires, right from your dashboard. Whether you’re looking for on-demand temporary employees or seasoned executives, in addition to our "total eLearning solution," we're your one-stop shop to make cannabis hires through this partner network. So add your company's "Careers Page" or the website URL/link to easily recruit our alumni. This will help reduce training costs by hiring employees already in cannabis compliance with experience "under the belt."

Recruit Alumni (1-Time Setup)

Add Career Listing (Job Board Link)

Staffing & HR Partners (Search)

Hire New Talent (Industry Resources)
By using our partner network to hire new team members, you'll find it's easily the largest talent database for hiring opportunities in the industry. From different industry sectors, we work with the largest network of cannabis recruiters down to boutique staffing agencies. Our partner network will help during every step of the recruiting process to find talent.

Company Account & Manager Subaccounts

Technically, they enroll themselves... we recommend two (2) main Manager Portal methods - but support to make your life easier, BUT it really depends on your "use case" and how you want to use our Manager Portal. We've found these two (2)  "use cases" to be the most efficient options to handle enrollment processes for managers who need to enroll team members easily. Two (2) of the most common Manager Portal "use cases" to handle enrollments are (that we see)...

1. Multi-State Operator "Complex" Scenario (Buy & Issue Codes)

Use Case: "Manager Subaccount" + "Bulk Order" + "Enrollment Code" Functionality

Manager Portal Configuration

  1. Add Manager Subaccounts (click here): Add your management team as Subaccounts to your main business account. This gives managers the ability to purchase on the business account and manage team members' enrollments, configure permissions, and approve orders (if applicable).
  2. Subaccount Code Orders (click here): Subaccounts purchase single-purpose enrollment code orders to then issue codes via email/SMS text message codes, etc. where learners use the code to enroll. Managers can pre-pay for enrollments to get 20 - 40% tuition discounts (based on quantity purchased).

"Complex Scenario" Summary

The single-product enrollment codes are generated once you've completed an order, you will be granted access to the codes that are used during enrollments via the activation field. Once an enrollment code order is generated, it will be available in the Manager Portal where it links your original order and codes that are available to be issued. You can issue enrollment codes to team members via sending an email and/or sharing a "secret URL" for them to easily enroll using the code as their tuition-payment method. Our enrollment code management is perfect for Multi-State Operations (MSOs) who need to quickly enroll team members by securely sharing codes that can be sent on-demand from the Manager Portal via email or simply sharing a URL.

2. Startup/Small Operation "Simple" Scenario (Share Digital Funds)

Use Case: "Add Wallet Funds" + "Share Digital Funds" Functionality (Subaccount Optional) Manager Portal Configuration: 

Fund Wallet (click here): Use any payment method (ex. credit card, invoicing, Bitcoin, company line-of-credit, etc.) to fund their "Digital Wallet" that'll help your team members to quickly complete enrollments by requesting/transferring money for them to pay using their wallet funds.

Share Funds (click here): To share funds, there are two (2) options to fund an employee's wallet:

    • Manager Transfer (click here): First, the employee must have a registered account on our platform, then managers have the ability to share wallet funding by looking up their employee's account in our platform ("First/Last Name" Search ONLY for privacy).
    • Employee Request (click here): For employees to fund their wallets from managers, they'll use the request form to search and identify their manager who'll receive funding requests (if approved funds will be credited) for employees to pay via wallets.

"Simple Scenario" Summary

By having digital wallet functionality, it provides all users on our platform with another payment option for managers to easily share funds so employees can pay tuition costs using digital funds for enrollments. For managers, it's simple to add funds to their accounts using all online/offline payment methods for funding digital wallets since managers use the "Add Funds" form on the wallet dashboard. When adding funds to wallets, managers will be able to enter the amount they wish to add to their account and proceed through the normal check-out process when ordering then you'll be redirected back to the wallet dashboard after payment.
We've introduced Subaccounts as a way of providing multiple buyers per a primary company account in the Manager Portal. Each Subaccount will have its individual log-in with login credentials (ex. username, password, etc.). A primary company account can create, edit, and delete Subaccounts in their Manager Portal since each Subaccount has its own permissions, including permission to buy, permission to view orders, offers, Purchase Lists, etc. Companies often need to have multiple people (aka "Subaccounts") that have access to an account, see prices, order, communicate, etc. yet, they may or may not need to have permission and access to ALL features within the account. For instance, a company may want a user to have access to prices, but not have permission to place orders. Our Manager Portal introduces a Subaccounts system integrated with permissions that enables and extends the Manager Portal to allow multiple buyers per account. Create Subaccounts for your company and set relevant permissions per Subaccount.
  • Subaccounts: Who can access account pricing and products
  • Set Permissions: Who can place orders, view orders, etc.
  • A "Placed By" Column: Shows who placed a particular order.
  • Setup Users: Add name, job title, phone, email, username, and password for Subaccount.
For instance, an organization may want a manager to have placed an order for their team's training, but not have permission to complete orders without the primary company account's approval to authorize the purchase. Our portal integrates Subaccount permissions to enable seamless training management with multiple buyers within the primary account.
This is very simple... the functionality allows for company order approvals  Basically, this allows Manager Portal users to require approval when a Subaccount places an order. Example Scenario:
  • A business account has three (3) Subaccounts, one for each branch of the store. These Subaccounts regularly have to purchase supplies and inventory. When a Subaccount places an order, it will have to be first reviewed and approved by the primary company account. The primary account user is notified that they have the order to review and then they approve or reject it. After approval, the order will be pending payment and the primary company account can pay for it.

Subaccounts & Employee Accounts

The Manager Portal has a powerful Subaccounts feature, ideal for company employee accounts. Through this feature, a business user can create Subaccounts that they can control and set permissions for. The newly added company order approval feature extends Subaccounts by adding an additional permission level: accounts that can place orders, but whose orders are subject to approval. When configuring a Subaccount, business accounts can now see new permission: "Orders Require Approval". This applies to only that specific Subaccount (can be configured differently for each Subaccount).

How Placing Orders Work

A Subaccount will add products to order like any "normal user" via the Manager Portal, but when they are on the last payment step, they will see only one (1) payment option, which is the "Pending Company Approval" requirement: Instead of the "Place Order" button, they now have a "Send for approval" button. After the order is placed, it is marked as "Pending Approval - the order will be sent for review and approval" as required by Subaccount permissions that are configured. The parent/primary account will receive an email notification, letting them know that the Subaccount has placed an order that requires approval: The primary company account will then go to the Manager Portal and go to their "Orders" (click here) and will see the order along with which Subaccount placed it and that the order's status is "Pending Approval": After clicking on the order, the user can see two (2) buttons for approval and rejection: If the order is rejected, it will be canceled. If the order is approved, the order will now be a pending payment and the primary company account will see this reflected in the "Orders" (click here) area in the Manager Portal. In the "Orders" area, the account can now see the order has a "Pay" button that can be used to pay for the order: After clicking that button, the user can choose a payment method and pay for the order:
However, you want... Gg to the Subaccount area (click here) in your Manager Portal to add and/or remove management team members to your account. You can always adjust their portal permissions (what they can and can't do) later if needed. To create a Subaccount, you must choose login details (ex. username, email, password, etc.) and personal details of the account user, and set what permissions the account has to manage what they can add, edit, and delete. Permissions include:
  • Place an order
  • View all account orders
  • View all account offers
  • View all account Purchase Lists
Email Notifications
  • Email notification to the user that their account requires manual review
  • Email notification to the user that their account has been approved.
  • Email notification to the user that there is a new order approval request by a Subaccount
One-click wonder... Purchase Lists provide an easy, quick way for companies to order or re-order specific lists. This is an important functionality, as many businesses have employees, new or current, that will need to continue training for various compliance reasons. This also allows users to download Purchase Lists as CSV files and allows Manager Portal users to save lists of items for later purchases. This makes ordering enrollment codes easy and consistent.

Purchase List Management

Purchase Lists, like many other features in the Manager Portal, are integrated with the Subaccounts feature so this means that in a particular company account, Subaccounts can also have permission to view custom lists created.
  • Users can create an unlimited number of Purchase Lists
  • Users can add Purchase Lists to create new orders
  • Save past orders by clicking the "Save as Purchase List" button
  • The Purchase Lists area is added to the Manager Portal
  • Create Purchase Lists from the Manager Portal directly
  • Create and modify Purchase Lists through a product search form
  • Purchase lists can be added to an order, edited, or deleted

"Save Purchase List" Functionality

The Manager Portal also introduces a button that allows users to save their current order as a Purchase List so that it can easily be viewed or ordered again at a later time.

Subaccount & Purchase List Integration

This functionality along with other permissions can be set and managed for each Subaccount individually, so you can restrict users from viewing company Purchase Lists or allow permissions for them to use this functionality that allows for quick re-ordering. This means that in your company account, Subaccounts can also have permission to view Purchase Lists so this and other permissions can be managed for each Subaccount.

Download Purchase Lists (CSV File)

These lists can also be downloaded as CSV, with the item name, SKU, and quantity via clicking the "Download" button a CSV file will be available with the list details:
You guessed it... our Manager Portal enables a Line-of-Credit (LOC) to your organization. Those with permissions will be able to purchase items on a LOC, up to their individual credit limit. A user can access the company credit tab from the Manager Portal to view credit history, reimburse used credit, or purchase credit for later usage. Users can even pay via credit when ordering if available credit exceeds the total value of what's being purchased.

How It Works

Go to Manager Portal to find the Company Credit area (click here) available so can also purchase credits and reimburse previously used Line-of-Credit (LOC). When ordering with a Manager Portal account using the credit payment gateway allows the primary company account to view how credits are adjusted by management team Subaccounts. From the Manager Portal, you can purchase credits to add or reimburse your Line-of-Credit (LOC) so when orders are placed you'll see how credits are added to the user’s Subaccount.

Main Features:

  • Credits can be redeemed by customers as coupons (optional feature), so customers can use credits together with any other payment gateway.
  • Credit gateway can always show during payment, but will let the user know if there are insufficient credits.
  • Credit payment gateway/method is available during payment if the order total does not exceed available credit.
  • The company credit panel is available in the Manager Portal to manage outstanding balances, available credit, and credit limits are monitored.
  • In the Manager Portal, you can reimburse credit or add a balance for later usage from the Manager Portal area.
  • Credit transaction history is recorded in both the Manager Portal and the user’s profile.
To reimburse credits that are available to use for purchasing, users can simply add credits to the order and pay for them using any method (except the Line-of-Credit itself) so once the order status is marked as "Complete" the credits are added to the user’s account.
Your 50% discount happens automatically... if you completed the entire Social Equity Business application and were accepted into our program, the Manager Portal will use dynamic rules to automatically apply your 50% discount during the payment process. The rule system is designed for maximum versatility and it can be used to create discounts for any orders placed by Subaccounts (click here). You can approve orders placed by the Subaccounts you've set up for your management team to provide self-service functionality that empowers them to manage team enrollments while taking advantage of the 50% tuition discount.
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Accreditation & Authorization

Our "Claim-to-Fame" is Being The "Most Accredited (or Authorized)" Training Provider in The Industry to ENSURE What We Do Actually Meets All Those Cannabis Regulator Requirements.

Colorado MED

We're authorized by Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to deliver our entire Responsible Vendor, Cannabis Delivery, Hospitality & Social Consumption required training.

MED Authorized

Massachusetts CCC

We've been authorized by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) in Massachusetts state to provide the Basic & Advanced Responsible Vendor Training Curriculum that is required.

CCC Authorized

Illinois IDFPR

We're authorized by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to provide their state-required Responsible Vendor compliance training for handling cannabis.

IDFPR Authorized

West Virginia OMC

Authorized by West Virginia's Department of Health & Human Resources (DHHR) where the Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) has authorized our state-required industry education certification.

OMC Authorized

Alaska AMCO

Authorized by Alaska's Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) to deliver our entire Marijuana Handler Permit training that is required for all of the state's licensed establishment agents.

AMCO Authorized
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Federal OSHA

Authorized Outreach Trainers for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to provide Department of Labor (DOL) 10/30-Hour Card via our recognized Authorized OSHA Trainer team.

OSHA Authorized


Authorized by Utah Department of Agricultural & Food (UDAF) has authorized as a 3rd-party training program provider to certify all of the medical cannabis agents that are required to be compliant.

Utah Authorized

Washington DOH

Authorized by Washington's Department of Health (DOH) to provide their medical cannabis consultant training program that is required in all licensed retail stores with a medical endorsement.

Washington Authorized

Washington DC DOH

We're authorized by Washington D.C.'s Department of Health (DOH) to deliver their medical cannabis industry certification that will be required for every manager of licensed facilities in the district.

District Authorized

Ohio BOP

Authorized by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy (BOP) as a foundational dispensary & continuing education to certify all employees that are required to be compliant in the state's medical cannabis industry.

Ohio Authorized

Vermont CCB

Authorized by the Vermont Cannabis Control Board (CCB) as an authorized trainer of customer-facing employees of retail cannabis establishments in the state to legally sell products to consumers.

Vermont Authorized


We're authorized by Maryland's Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) to deliver their Cannabis Dispensary Agent Training (CDAT) as a responsible training provider that's required to be compliant.

Maryland Authorized

Federal EPA

Authorized Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Trainers for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide their compliance training to "Agricultural Workers" & "Pesticide Handlers" employees.

EPA Authorized

NCIA Association

We're a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) who's a top-notch non-profit that's always advancing the interests of our cannabis & how they're supporting our economy.

NCIA Member

SHRM Membership

As a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which is a professional membership association that promotes the role of Human Resources (HR) via education.

SHRM Member