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Career advancement is a social justice issue. Our staff, in partnership with others across the College and University, recognizes that issues of identity and career often intersect and that underrepresented students may face specific challenges as they navigate career opportunities and the workplace environment. We invite you to utilize these resources to help support your search and encourage you to connect with us in one-on-one advising.

Concerns regarding student conduct include, but are not limited to, inappropriately behaving toward or communicating with staff or fellow learners; misrepresentations of any kind, including affiliation as well as prior academic or professional experience; disturbing orderly academic functions and processes; violating the rules and regulations or the unauthorized use of our platform.

Social Equity Program

We believe there’s room for everyone in the cannabis industry. And we 100% believe it’s our responsibility to INVEST in those who have been adversely impacted by the failed “War on Drugs,” and that’s exactly why our Social Equity Program was created.

We provide a total eLearning solution via our program that’s committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable cannabis industry designed to support entrepreneurs, this is how we OFFSET the negative effects of law enforcement on all minority communities. Our Social Equity Program is designed to SUPPORT equal opportunity by “giving back” to help diversify business ownership, create more employment opportunities, and make cannabis accessible to individuals/communities most impacted by past criminalization.

Industry Impact Program

Education is the most powerful equalizer of our time, providing access to training, resources, assistance, and – ABOVE ALL – a powerful connection to our community (it’s also a heck of a lot more fun knowing that our business will make an actual impact). We put the world’s best education in the hands of the cannabis industry, so we can connect individuals and businesses with the knowledge to ACCELERATE their impact in the midst of this “global shift” happening on how cannabis is being perceived globally. As a social enterprise, the more missions our eLearning solutions support, the more we can invest back into the cannabis community, creating an endless circle of GOOD… and that’s exactly why this idea will continuously spread across planet earth very rapidly.

Transformative Cannabis Shift

Everyone who wants to change the world should have the education to do so, it is the ultimate lever for making a difference in any individual’s life and their impact on the industry. Cannabis is proof of the coming SHIFT that truly can change everything.

There’s a “transformative shift” happening right now, and what worked before is NO longer an option. It’s time to rewrite the rules of the industry for the 21st century, laying the foundation for our team to serve specific individuals and how we give back.

Today we empower tens of thousands of individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry through QUALITY eLearning solutions… we don’t believe there have to be any trade-offs between profits and personal fulfillment within the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Industry Impact

We are obsessed with impact. This is about getting your head and your HEART working on the same team for the same, common goal to change the cannabis industry. This is why “business as usual” will never be able to liberate our greatest work into the world.

We aim to “change the way business is played,” and everything we do is directed by the impact that we want to make within the cannabis industry. Our GOAL is to enable all of our clients, partners, and community to create more impact in the expanding industry.

We help support the progress of the cannabis industry via our mission and to give back so we can align goals to make positive impacts wherever possible. Together, we will CONNECT the world to a future with cannabis, and this shift changes everything.

"Education is the proper way to promote compassion and tolerance in society."