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Digital Badges

We believe in an “edu-tainment” approach to education that’ll make training “not feel like learning” since at the end of the day, forcing yourself to learn is a costly and time-consuming process that isn’t fun. Gamification dramatically helps streamline this burden of learning, and now, with the introduction of digital badges and other gamification, you can make powerful, data-driven decisions by using verified skills, mastery certifications, and competencies you can trust. Built by the industry, for the industry.

Badgr LMS Integration

We offer digital badges by integrating through to signify your credentials online through professional networks like LinkedIn profiles, career/job websites, etc. enabling our learners to publicly and verifiably demonstrate their commitment to adhering to the highest standards available in cannabis education and training.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) has integration with Badgr, a third-party skill verification platform, to provide our members with these badges. It’s not just about sharing your achievements, either. Badgr will link to powerful metadata that provides prospective employers with context and instant verification of your training status, from the moment your course is complete.

Proudly demonstrate your credibility and advance your career with credentials. Whether you already work in the industry and want to level up your skills, or you’re looking to transition into an exciting new cannabis career, our industry-adopted training programs will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and credibility needed to succeed in cannabis today.

On successful completion of a credential, you automatically become an alumnus of Green CulturED, the professional credentialing body dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism, credibility, and equity in our growing industry.

Community-Based Learning (CBL) is a pedagogical approach that is based on the premise that the most profound learning often comes from experience that is supported by guidance, context-providing, foundational knowledge, and intellectual analysis. The idea is to give learners direct experience with issues they are studying in the curriculum and with ongoing efforts to analyze and solve problems in the community. A key element in these programs is the opportunity for learners must both apply what they are learning in real-world settings and reflect in a classroom setting on their service experiences.

The opportunity for learners to bring thoughtful knowledge and ideas based on personal observation and social interaction to a course’s themes and scholarly arguments brings depth to the learning experience for individuals and to the content of the course. The communities of which we are a part can benefit from the resources of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and learners that can be educationally transformative in powerful ways.

Unlock Content

Unlock access to exclusive cannabis content when you have reached a certain level.

Point Controls

Configure the number of experience points your students receive for what they do.

Further Customization

Change the levels & substitute points for other symbols to make it even more exciting.

Crypto Learning Credits (Blockchain Under Development)

At Green CulturED, we are creating a community of loyal learners with a virtual currency that’ll personalize incentives to learn more, faster while being rewarded loyalty reward points that’ll be redeemable for actual physical cannabis from Point-of-Sale (POS) systems that we’ve integrated with. We are all about improving online learning and training for employees and customers.

We want to help learners and organizations improve the timeliness and frequency of learning, nudge learners towards mastery, and increase course completion rates. Perhaps most importantly, show learners their organizations care about and appreciate their learning accomplishments.

Today, we’re helping many organizations and thousands of people improve the outcomes of their training programs, and we’re providing a new and exciting way for companies to connect with their employees and customers. Our team of Educational-Technologies (Ed-Tech) experts, gamification aficionados, and developers want to help organizations maximize their training initiatives.

This gamification project will be taking on the most common problems with online learning, such as poor engagement levels, an impersonal user experience, low course completion rates, and minimum compliance levels of achievement. Learning Credits are a loyalty and retention solution that helps engage everyone in their training by creating a community of loyal learners with a virtual currency and personalized incentives. By creating a unique incentive system for each group of learners that can include real items and/or opportunities, we strengthen a learner’s connection to their instruction and their organization.

This will create loyal dispensary customers and helps increase learner engagement and course completions while opening up powerful new marketing opportunities. In addition, Green CulturED is a leading training provider in the cannabis industry and this will help to engage employees with their learning which leads to improved job performance, satisfaction, and retention. We will create the next-generation motivational design platform using a loyalty reward program that provides the ability to actually get paid cannabis while you’re learning and we win by getting the engagement we’re looking for. This is designed to provide learners with the ability to get paid to learn while helping them stay up-to-date about the latest knowledge in the cannabis industry.

Timely Feedback

Students earn virtual currency for successful activities and course completions.

  • Use virtual currency as positive re-enforcement for reaching short-term goals
  • Manually award currency for any reason you choose

Your Rewards Store

Offer any real items or opportunities, and tailor them to the interests of your audience.

  • List items for direct purchase, raffle, or auction
  • From conference registrations to extra courses, charitable donations, yoga classes, clothing, and beyond, there are no restrictions on reward types
  • Limit item availability to foster timeliness and regular learning!

Manage The Economy

Set the currency values for completing activities and courses. Then price items in your store accordingly.

  • Set default completion values site-wide
  • Set custom coin values to override defaults for specific courses and activities to encourage students to learn more

Integrated Dashboard

No more running your own gamification program on spreadsheets. Save your sanity by managing everything in one space.

  • Manage users, store items, redemptions, and other dashboard users.
  • Create custom reports

Customer Education Framework

Create educated customer-advocates! Open up a powerful new marketing channel and build a community of loyal customers.

  • Connect your shipping integration to a fulfillment provider and send items to your customers
  • Build brand awareness, brand familiarity, and brand loyalty

Open API

Create or combine your own rewards platform. Easily connect Motrain to other systems, and set your own currency-earning criteria.

  • Build your own loyalty program by connecting to your e-commerce site
  • Allow currency to be earned in partner, sales, and service portals and drive engagement everywhere

"Nine-tenths of education is encouragement."