Earn 30% Commissions From Website(s), Content Creation & Social Media Promo via Rev-Share + Subscription Income ($$$)

Let's Build Our "Marketing Dream Team (You & Us)" + 30% Residual Revenue-Share Commissions = It's Literally Everything Needed To BUILD Your Business & Start Our Profitable Marketing Partnership

Made For: Influencers & Web Owners

Brand Ambassador Program

Partner With One of the Most Trusted Voices in the Cannabis Industry & Join Our Premier Affiliate Program to EARN 30% Recurring ($$$) as Long as Your Referral is a Member of Our Community.

30% Commissions

Benefit from 30% commissions, follow-up campaign efforts, etc... last we checked, we’re pretty AWESOME – turning traffic & leads into paying learners ($$$) – so make 30% as long as they have an active subscription.

Recurring Revenue

Create a NEW subscription-based revenue stream ($$$) to start making predictable income that'll scale your business with commission that you'll make today + more in the future as you get new subscribers.


We’re always publishing brand new eLearning solutions so you’ll have the best options for your audience. Partner with us & you’ll GROW your revenue while finding opportunities to generate more passive income.

Why Isn’t This For Every Marketer? 🤔

We’d LOVE to be able to provide with 30% commission & the opportunity to create a recurring subscription-based revenue stream, but our team is very selective of who we partner with for the Brand Ambassador Program. Your brand needs to be great to be onboarded & operating specifically in the cannabis industry. We believe that "Less is More" so we only seek high-quality partnership who'll be approved to get paid huge commissions from our partner program. 🎉

Ambassador Requirements

We Have Minimum Requirements To Join Our Ambassador Program & You’ll Understand Why We’re 100% a PERFECT Fit If You’re Looking The "Next Big Thing" To Create New Recurring $$$ For Your Biz.

Large Audience
We require our Ambassadors to have a MINIMUM audience size of 5,000 total email addresses or followers when they apply to become a partner in our industry-leading affiliate marketing program.
Popularity & good relationships with your fans are two CRUCIAL factors we value the most. This means, you must engage your audience & we want to see tons of interaction in your online social communities.
Mission Alignment
We only want partnerships with the very BEST Ambassadors who are committed to changing cannabis’ stigma & partners who connect all of those who seek to contribute to the success of this new industry.
Content Ideas

1,000’s of blog articles & email templates available to be used for your marketing… provide lots of valuable content that HELPS & we made sure nothing is too “salesy” so you’re not annoying anyone.

Brand Guidelines

When it comes to Green CulturED’s branding, consistency is everything.. we clearly DEFINE how to advertise our brand & eLearning solutions on your website, logo usage, brand colors, required fonts & much more.

Marketing Collateral
We provide all of the important types of marketing collateral you will NEED in your Ambassador repertoire, we explain how & when to use each media asset from all of our digital marketing strategies.
Turnkey Creatives
Optimized website banners, digital graphics, lead magnets, landing pages, email templates & other creative assets that are APPROVED to easily use in your marketing efforts in the cannabis industry.
Program Updates
We ensure Ambassadors can easily find NEW information & stay up-to-date about current promotions, contests we’re running & other relevant partnership information (ex. new training released, etc.).
Automation Tools

We’ve built a marketing “machine” for you that will ENSURE our automations (ex. email, SMS, etc.) will follow-up prospective learners when you’re doing advertisements & promoting our eLearning solutions.

Marketing Toolbox

If You Want Cannabis Industry Opportunities That Works Then You'll Access All Ambassador Marketing Tools That Are Included & We Give You the Marketing Tools You Need to Grow Your Business & Make More $$$.

Email Marketing

Easily send out dedicated content with our ultra-compelling pre-written emails via copy & paste.

Blog Content
Use our blog posts that we publish so it’s very easy to create something valuable for your audience.
Social Media
Post graphics, videos & much more that’ll get your audience excited to make sharing super simple.
Website Banners

Include banners on your website or social media & everything that you need to get profitable results.

Easy Setup
Your account will be up & running in a few minutes after approval so you can get started immediately!
Sales Tracking
We track Ambassador referrals reliably, even on websites & servers with aggressive caching.
Payouts Service
We easily pay you directly to your bank account with our “Payouts Service” & notifies you of payment.
Real-Time Reports
Track referred visits, referrals, & earnings in real-time, without delay using our Ambassador Portal.
Web 2.0 Apps
Our Ambassador program integrates fully with your website & social media pages to track referrals.
There is an unlimited number of ways to promote our eLearning solutions to your online audience.
Unlimited Creatives
We give our Ambassadors numerous visual resources or text links for faster, more effective promotions.
Custom Coupon
Connect customized coupon codes to your specific account for tracking your coupon(s).
Easy Management
Use lead magnets, sales pages, email templates, view reports & monitor your digital marketing.
Account Creation
Automatic Ambassador creation for all approved affiliates who register a user account on our site.
Approval Required
Our program is exclusive, so we do not automatically accept Ambassadors & they must be approved first.
Ambassador Portal
Use to view performance, view earnings, retrieve referral URLs, utilize creatives & much more!
Link Generator
Ambassadors can create their own custom “hoplinks” with our built-in referral link generator.
Referral %'s
We provide a percentage referral rate on all of our proven training, resources & eLearning solutions.
Referral Registration
Anyone can easily enroll in our training & you can direct users to register their accounts instantly.
Link Tracking
Direct link tracking allows you to link directly from their website without needing referral “hoplinks.”
120-Day Cookie
Cookies are tracked & valid for 120 days, they’re stored in your referral’s browser when they click your links.
Simple “Hoplinks”
Use “hoplinks” to receive credit for enrollments you direct to us, tracking URL generator & much more!
Email Templates
Email templates will be provided to make your marketing via emailing easy for you to get new referrals.
World-Class Support
If you require assistance, our support is considered the best in the industry & we’re here to help you!

Ambassador Partnership

You’ll Earn 30% Recurring Commissions for As Long As Your Referral Remains a Paying Learner & We Offer a Range of Products That’s a FIT for Anyone so When They Renew/Upgrade, You Continue to Earn.

Positive Industry Impact​

The goal of our Ambassador Program is to work with cannabis-related businesses, websites, and social influencers who have a LOVE of cannabis and truly want to make our industry better by promoting our eLearning solutions to earn 30% commissions!

We have the BEST affiliate marketing program in the cannabis industry. For example, you can make $179.10 USD from our “Master Grower Certification” or up to $44.10 USD / monthly recurring for “HQ” as long as they’re an active member. Not too bad?

We are the total eLearning solution provider for the cannabis industry, and the simple question is: “Do you want to create a new revenue?” We are RAPIDLY growing, and our success is dependent on you helping promote us to anyone interested in cannabis.

"Helping Catalyze Our Cannabis Community That'll Make an Empowering IMPACT 100% Around Their Mission"
"Certified Partners Have Made Some Massive ($$$) From Their Commissions That Supports Growth"

Brand Sponsorship Opportunities

Not to brag, but we are the premier resource for tens (10’s) of thousands (1,000’s) of learners in the cannabis industry, and our accredited courses, compliance training, mastery certifications, custom eLearning solutions, etc are WIDELY recognized.

By sharing us with your audience, you’ll have something new to talk about and benefit from all of our high-converting landing pages, follow-up sequences, and re-targeting efforts. All you need to do is get them to us, we take over, and you’ll get 100% PAID.

If you see synergies with what we do and what your customers need, or you think our eLearning solutions could be beneficial to expanding your portfolio, then we definitely want to hear from you… as a partner, you will find VALUE through our collaboration.

Value-First Partnerships

We have a value-first philosophy that has been the source of all of our GROWTH over the years. All our Ambassadors need to do is use our content to provide value to your audience… we’ll take care of the rest to convert them into paying learners for you:

"We're Making True Impacts (NOT Just ‘Giving-Back’) That Builds Everyone Legitimate Competitive Advantages"

Partner Support

As a Partner, We Help Business Owners, Industry Entrepreneurs & "Thought-Leaders" Grow Revenue ($$$) To Expand Brand Awareness While Building A Lucrative Partnership That You'll Be PROUD Of.

Our Mission

We’re Green CulturED & we’re on a mission. It’s simple, but a VERY powerful mission: We will train 1,000,000+ individuals over the next five (5) years on everything there’s to know about cannabis that’ll ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk & increase profitability.

If we achieve this mission, we will create 100’s of 1,000’s opportunities for individuals that will add BILLIONS to the global economy. That’s a big deal! It’s an important mission & we’re “radically committed” since we believe it will change the world, yet we need help.

Why? We do this because we believe this industry is the most challenging, interesting & rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for YOU. In the end, it’s our community that matters. We do our best  learning together so… if you share our vision, let’s get started!