Earn, Share & Verify via Canvas Network™ Badge Integration That'll Display All Your Professional Cannabis Credentials Online

Digital Badges Are Recognized Credentials Issued For Your Earned Cannabis Competencies & Based Upon International Accreditation Standards (ex. "ISO", "ANSI", etc.) That's Established Industry-Wide

Made For: 3rd-Party Verification

Our Canvas Network™ Partnership Provides 3rd-Party Credentialing Verification Utilizing Their Badgr Integration That'll Display Cannabis Credentials Learners Have Earned Throughout Learning Journey.

Canvas Network™ Partnership

Canvas Network™ integration is a “Digital Backpack” to store credentials issued & learners can then share their credentials directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. profiles. 🥳

How Digital Badging Work

Alabama Employee Medical & Safety Training

100 Experience Points

Alabama Management Continuing Education

100 Experience Points

Alaska Marijuana Handler Badge

100 Experience Points

Cannabis Cultivation Agent Badge

300 Experience Points

Cannabis Cultivation Supervisor Badge

400 Experience Points

Cannabis Delivery Driver Badge

200 Experience Points

Cannabis Dispensary Technician Badge

200 Experience Points

Cannabis Extraction Technician Badge

200 Experience Points

Cannabis Food Safety Badge

100 Experience Points

Cannabis Handler Badge

100 Experience Points

Cannabis Horticulture Technician Badge

200 Experience Points

Cannabis Hospitality Worker Badge

200 Experience Points

Cannabis Laboratory Supervisor Badge

400 Experience Points

Cannabis Manufacturer Supervisor Badge

400 Experience Points

Cannabis Plant Trimmer Badge

200 Experience Points

Cannabis Product Development Badge

200 Experience Points

Cannabis Test Batch Collector Badge

200 Experience Points

Colorado Marijuana Delivery Badge

100 Experience Points

Colorado Marijuana Hospitality Badge

100 Experience Points

Colorado Responsible Vendor Badge

100 Experience Points

"Leveraging our partnership with Canvas Network to use their Badgr integration, a trusted 3rd-party verification platform, significantly enhances the authenticity of issued badges & validates learner achievements. This collaborative effort adheres to best practices set by "Open Badges IMS Standards." Utilizing a 3rd-party verification platform reinforces the integrity of credentials & provides a seamless verification experience for learners, offering convenience to share digital badges on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to share achievements with professional peers & opens potential job opportunities."

Frequently Asked Questions

Green CulturED Issues Digital Badges That'll Enable Credential-Sharing Online & Your Badgr Integration Enables 3rd-Party Verification Via Our Canvas Network Partnership For Enhanced Skill Recognition.

Canvas Network

Our Canvas Network partnership leverages its Badgr integration based upon "Open Badge Standards" to easily display verified credentials online so learners can manually add digital badges to their profile.

LinkedIn Integration

Use LinkedIn's "Share to Profile" feature that easily displays badges by updating the "Issuing Organization" to display "Green CulturED" + populate the "Credential URL" field in the "Licenses & Certificates."

Social Sharing

Unlimited ways to share your professional skills online using social media networks & digital badges provide concrete evidence of learning activities were required to earn 3rd-party verifiable credentials.

Green CulturED’s strategic partnership… established an integration with Canvas Network to leverage their 3rd-party Badgr “Digital Backpack” for verifying cannabis skills and provide learners with a platform for digital credentials verification. This integration is more than just about sharing your achievements; it’s about providing a validated digital badge that encapsulates the learners’ skills and competencies. Canvas Network connects to comprehensive metadata associated with each digital badge Green CulturED issues, offering a detailed insight into their certification status and competencies of the badge holder.

The instant digital badge verification feature is a standout aspect of the Badgr integration. As soon as your certification is completed, prospective employers have the ability to instantly verify the authenticity and details of your achievements. This fosters a high-level of trust and transparency between learners and employers, making the verification process seamless. The alliance between Green CulturED, Canvas Network, and Badgr significantly enhances digital credentialing in the cannabis industry, making it a reliable and efficient way to share and verify professional skills online.

Claiming Your Badge… is a pivotal step in recognizing and validating your learning achievements. It provides a digital, verifiable representation of your accomplishments that can be shared across various platforms. Canvas Network badges are part of a learning ecosystem that supports skill-aligned micro-credentials, stackable credential pathways, and portable learner records, making it an essential part of your learning journey. Our Badgr integration will send you an email when you have been awarded a badge, so to claim badges, you will need to create a Badgr account where your badges will be stored. Please use the same email address across different badge earning activities and programs to ensure your badges are all stored together. Your Badgr account will store badges received by Green CulturED certifications but also any badges from other organizations awarding badges through Badgr.
Digital Badges Showcase Skills…they’re a representation of an accomplishment, earned upon the successful completion of an approved certification. Upon achievement, you will receive an email notification with the subject: “Congratulations, you earned a badge!” The criteria to earn a badge are set by the certification requirements, necessitating learners to complete the required tasks or modules to earn each badge. Sharing badges on social media or other digital platforms allows you to showcase your skills, interests, and capabilities. Digital badges function as learning assets, articulating educational achievements or verifiable credentials. Green CulturED badges harbor metadata links providing context and verification, enabling professional learning sharing. They stand as a standard to recognize and verify learning, communicating three essential aspects without sacrificing verification or context:
  • Who did something?
  • What did they do?
  • Who says they did it?
Your badge operates as a digital asset encapsulating your learning achievements or credentials. It’s a versatile tool that can be shared across the internet, embedded on websites, or included in email signatures for maximum visibility and recognition. This digital representation empowers learners to narrate their full story, providing a structured, verifiable depiction of their learning experiences. By sharing your badges, you connect with communities, employers, and institutions that recognize and value your achievements.
Simply Claim Your Badge… and that begins with the notification you receive via email once you successfully complete an approved certification. The email will contain a link to claim your badge on the Canvas Network platform. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the Badgr integration, where you’ll need to create an account or log in if you already have one. Follow the prompts to claim your badge and it will be added to your Badgr digital backpack. Badges are uniquely linked to data hosted on the Badgr platform, which provides a level of security and verification that is not possible with paper-based certifications. This linkage to verified data enhances their reliability and security, making it nearly impossible for someone else to falsely claim your credential or identity. This process ensures that each badge you claim is securely tied to your professional identity, providing a trustworthy representation of your achievements.

Sharing Your Badge Digitally… is a feature that Badgr facilitates, allowing you to showcase your achievements across different platforms. Badges can be shared on digital platforms including social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. They can also be embedded on personal or professional websites and attached to email signatures. Here’s how you can share your badge:

  1. Login Badgr Account: Access your account on the Badgr platform where your badges are stored.
  2. Select Badge You’ll Share: Navigate to the section where your badges are displayed and select the badge you wish to share.
  3. Choose Sharing Option: Badgr provides various sharing options. You can directly share your badge to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or obtain a link or embed code for your badge.
    • Social Media Sharing: Click on the icons of the respective social media platforms and follow the prompts to share your badge.
    • Embedding on Websites: Obtain the embed code for your badge and paste it into the HTML of your personal or professional website.
    • Email Signature: Obtain a link for your badge and include it in your email signature to showcase your achievements in your email communications.

Your badge serves as a digital testament to your skills and achievements, and sharing it across various platforms enhances your professional visibility and credibility. Each shared badge retains its verification link back to Badgr, ensuring that viewers can easily verify the authenticity of your achievements.

Badges Offer Numerous Benefits… as they provide a simple, trusted, and easily verifiable method to share your abilities online. They serve as concrete evidence of your achievements and the required competencies, facilitating a clearer understanding and trust in your capabilities among employers and peers. Moreover, badges play a pivotal role in building a robust digital credential network that fosters lifelong learning and professional development. They enable a culture of continuous skill acquisition and validation, which in turn, enhances career progression and recognition in the professional community.
Badge Award Email Notification… is streamlined for your convenience. Upon the successful completion of a specific program or course, an email notification will be sent to you from the Badgr platform, indicating that a new badge has been issued to you. This platform is integrated with the Canvas Network to award portable digital badges as you complete course modules, so if the badge isn’t claimed, subsequent reminders will be sent to prompt you to claim your badge. To claim your badges, creating a Badgr account is essential. Ensure to use the same email address across different badge-earning activities and programs for a centralized storage of all your badges. Your Badgr account will not only store badges received from Green CulturED certifications but also badges awarded by other organizations through Badgr, keeping all your credentials in one accessible location.

Badge-Driven Certificate Generation… provides an additional “certificate” option to download – that’s outside of Green CulturED’s certificates issued via the Learning Management System (LMS) – the integration with Canvas Network and Badgr. Upon successful completion of an approved certification, a digital badge is issued; this digital badge also allows for “certificate generation” that encapsulates detailed metadata reflecting your achievements, such as the criteria met and the skills acquired.

The subsequent “certificate generation” is facilitated by the metadata contained within the digital badge. This process occurs outside Green CulturED, so Badgr’s certificates, generated based on the badge and its metadata, serve as a casual way to share representation of your achievements, akin to Green CulturED’s certificate, albeit generated through a modern, digital process enabled by the Badgr and Canvas Network integration.

In essence, while the digital badge serves as a micro-credential showcasing specific competencies and achievements, the certificate generated will provide a broader acknowledgment of your digital credentials earned, leveraging the detailed information encapsulated within each individual badge issued.

Badge Copy Prevention… is inherent in the Canvas network design and functionality of the Badgr platform. Each badge issued is uniquely linked to data hosted on the Badgr platform, which verifies the badge holder’s identity and the badge’s authenticity. This linkage to verified data ensures that the badge is trustworthy and represents the correct individual’s achievements. The digital badges also contain metadata that provides context and verification, including the issuing organization, the criteria met to earn the badge, and the badge issuance date. This metadata is embedded within the badge image file, making it a secure and reliable representation of your achievement. Furthermore, when someone attempts to view or verify your badge, they will be directed to the Badgr platform, where the badge’s authenticity and the associated information can be verified. This level of verification makes it nearly impossible for someone else to falsely claim your badge or for any misrepresented badge copies to be taken seriously. In essence, the unique linkage to verified data, the embedded metadata, and the verification process facilitated through the Badgr platform significantly deter and prevent badge copying, ensuring that your achievements are accurately represented and protected.