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Our Certified Partner Network is Growing Every Day so START a Cannabis Career, Find Professional Services, Ensure You're Gov't Compliant & Locate Those Industry Suppliers That'll "Change Your World".

We provide our "Industry Resources" to help since it can be difficult to find a job and we can NOT guarantee job opportunities or employment. With the ever-changing legal landscape, it is impossible to guarantee a job and you should question anyone who makes that claim. There's a lot that goes into getting started, but we'll ensure you're competitive so you'll stand above the "forest of people" trying to get into cannabis too. 💯
Step 1: Create Profile

Create your profile to showcase your experience, skills, and cannabis industry credentialsto specializes in identifying and placing qualified professionals across various jobs and roles, from cultivation and extraction to retail and compliance.

Step 2: Get Certified

Every state has their own cannabis licensing, badging and training requirements for employees who work in cannabis. We’ll help you through this process and provide all the information you need to get badged.

Step 3: Job Application

Once your profile and credentials are complete, you’re ready to start applying to cannabis jobs! We’ll help you match into the cannabis jobs that are the best fit for you.

Job Seekers

Find the #1 cannabis jobs... platform today to start your career journey with one of our job opportunities & make sure to connect with partners on our platform, they would love to meet you!

Career Opportunities

Cannabis staffing done right... the industry moves fast, stay up to speed with what your business needs to succeed by connecting top talent with leading businesses in the cannabis industry.

International Work Visa
Help Grow Canada’s Cannabis Industry via Immigration Through Their Express Entry as it “Fast Tracks” the Process & is a Great Option to Start Your Career Since NO Job Offer is Required to Get Started Today.
Canada Worker Visa

In order to sustain its growing demand, Canada, which is the world’s largest cannabis producer, has made immigration provisions to meet the URGENT need for highly-skilled workers and there are many paths that you could take to capitalize on now.

Canada has made its immigration system much more accessible to very skilled foreign workers and immigrant business owners. We have highlighted all of the Canadian immigration options to facilitate your economic GROWTH in their lucrative industry.

"Is Cannabis Illegal In Your Country? Learn How Immigrating To Work Within Canada's Cannabis Industry Will Help Find Your Ideal Career"

Cannabis Industry Wiki

When You’re Done Reading Our "Canna-Wiki" You’ll KNOW Who Your "Aunt Mary" is From a "Zip" & Everything In-Between so Find All of the Industry Terminology That You'll Need to be Familiar With.

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"Have you heard a term used to describe cannabis in some capacity and had no idea what the word meant? There's a TON of slang words and cannabis-specific terminology that is used in the industry so you can easily get confused about "what means what"."

Whether you’re new to the cannabis industry or a seasoned veteran, we do our very best to give back by providing all of the essential knowledge, resources, and assistance you need to TRANSFORM your life... and learn everything needed to become an expert.