For Individuals

At Green CulturED, we believe cannabis knowledge should be taught by experienced industry experts (not “gurus” or academics) and backed by proven frameworks (not tactics or textbooks that go stale).

Take a FREE training to get started, our Lab community is made for “cannabis lovers” (aka casual learning) or join Lab+ to get certified & build the career of your dreams…

For Business

Our total eLearning solutions & Required Vendor Training (RVT) is an approved in more legal jurisdictions than any other cannabis training provider. 

Green CulturED is trusted by gov’t regulators to train teams for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives grow their sales & brand… while meeting all of those “un-fun” compliance mandates…



If you’re a “cannabis lover” who’s looking to casually learn or a looking for an entry-level role or you’re already an industry PRO & want to level-up your skills, we’ll have whatever you’re looking for. All of our programs are developed with input from industry professionals & cannabis experts.

Community-Based Learning

At Green CulturED, we believe cannabis should be taught by real experts & backed by proven frameworks (not tactics or textbooks that go stale).

We're your skills & talent development platform that's made for the modern cannabis industry. By combining training, certifications, community, and coaching, we give everyone everything they need to succeed (and look really smart doing it).

Industry Certifications

You can be a part of this exciting cannabis industry by learning the skills and knowledge needed to help you thrive in any job role for every type of licensed operation.

Learning Centers

If you're a "cannabis lover" or just getting started, Lab blends all of our micro-learning modules + a community learning experience.

Social Equity Scholarship

Our monthly Social Equity scholarships for "HQ Learning Center" helps to create equitable cannabis opportunities to advanced their career in the emerging industry.

Military Service Members

We "give back" to military service members via 90% tuition discounts to improve their quality of life & opportunities to get started in the global cannabis economy.



We believe teams are at their very best when knowledge is shared, our total eLearning solution allows team leaders to curate and compile best-in-class trainings. Get access to training, strategies & resources that’ll create the perfect storm for high-impact business growth.

Total eLearning Solution

Our total eLearning solution trains your team, maintains their training records, and makes cross-departmental communication a breeze... so more work gets done FASTER!

From our accredited Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) to onboarding program + more ensures success & longevity for all new employees by hiring the right candidate to grow your team that'll effectively scale your organization via trainings your team will actually use.

Accredited RVT Training

Our Responsible Vendor Vendor Training (RVT) is an authorized provider for all states (more than any other accredited training company) makes teams 100% compliant.

Onboarding Programs

On-boarding programs are critical for success in licensed cannabis operators so create the perfect "day one" training that ensures new team hires are knowledgeable.

Social Equity Program

Our monthly Social Equity scholarships for "HQ Learning Center" helps to create equitable cannabis opportunities to advanced their career in the emerging industry.

"HQ" Learning Center

Headquarters "HQ" gives team access to 95% of our entire course catalog to tailor training for specific job roles as a turn-key solution for any licensed operation.

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What's New

Our Goal is to Produce the Best Cannabis Industry Content in the Known Universe & This is One the Best Avenues for Us to Share Strategies That Are WORKING Right Now From Global Experts.

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Nothing Else...

Accreditation & Authorization

Our "Claim-to-Fame" is Being The "Most Accredited (or Authorized)" Training Provider in The Industry to ENSURE What We Do Actually Meets All Those Never-Ending Cannabis Regulator Requirements.