Delivery Driver Certification


Training Time: 11:52 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 1-Year Access

Credential Issued: Badge & Certificate

Standards: ISO, ANSI & RVT Programs


Product Quantity Discount Price per Unit
5 - 24 20% $157.60
25 - 49 30% $137.90
50+ 40% $118.20

Cannabis Delivery Driver Certification

Our Cannabis Delivery Driver Certification is one of the surest ways of building a reliable and efficient team that’ll deliver an exceptional “customer experience” to represent your brand on the road. A quality cannabis driver can be challenging to find, but if you can train your delivery team to be detail-oriented and truly connect with customers then you’ll have an approach to increase your brand’s reputation.

This certification aims to eliminate fatal and serious injuries for every cannabis delivery driver through a comprehensive approach by identifying the role each play in creating safer roads is how we will eliminate preventable accidents. Learn approaches to operating vehicles safely on the roadways using the latest and most effective safety technology and design. A safe system of mobility needs to expand the availability of vehicle systems and features that help to prevent crashes and minimize the impact of crashes on both delivery drivers and even non-occupants.

Many of the important things to remember are the legal amount of onboarded product inventory allowed documentation for each sale, keeping a destination log, and inventory ledger, and keeping all cannabis in a secure location like a trunk or lock box. Drivers will also have to be properly trained on topics such as how deliveries are performed, how to be efficient, what is expected of the driver, the legal requirements of cannabis delivery, safety, and security protocols, how to handle transactions, how to interact with customers and to do it all efficiently.

Learn if a third-party delivery service isn’t legally allowed, then you’ll be required to build an in-house delivery team. Vehicles used for cannabis deliveries must be equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device and all drivers must have a copy of the business license on hand. Learn how delivery drivers may be required to return to the dispensary if there are no delivery orders within legal timeframes or other situations they’ll encounter when operating delivery vehicles.

In addition, find how medical patients depend on receiving cannabis deliveries since many cannot travel due to physical, economic, or time constraints. Deliveries fix problems for medical patients who have trouble getting around or live far from storefronts so this certification will become an integral step in setting drivers up for success, so learning cannabis delivery best practices will ensure great service.