Utah Medical Agent Certification



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5 - 24 20% $53.60
25 - 49 30% $46.90
50+ 40% $40.20

Training Time: 4:00 Hours (Required)
Enrollment Duration: 90-Day Access
Credential Issued: Badge & Certificate
UDAF Authorized: PENDING

Utah Cannabis Agent Certification

Accredited: Utah Department of Agriculture and Food’s Cannabis Program has officially endorsed Green CulturED as a third-party certification training provider for production establishment agents. Our meticulously curated printed and digital course materials not only meet but exceed the stringent standards outlined in 4-41a-301(7) for Cannabis Production Establishment Agent-Registration.

This certification seamlessly merges industry-leading compliance programs with state-mandated training, ensuring medical cannabis production establishment agents are equipped with the perfect solution to remain compliant.

The Utah Cannabis Agent Certification is designed for those who are integral to the medical cannabis cultivation, processing, and independent laboratory facilities. These agents play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, quality, and compliance of medical cannabis products. Every agent’s registration card has a validity of two years post its issuance by the UDAF before renewal.

The certification covers a comprehensive range of topics, from Utah’s medical cannabis laws to best practices in cannabis production facilities. Safety procedures are emphasized, aiming to safeguard both worker and patient health. It’s essential to note that a cannabis production establishment agent must adhere to all learning objectives set by the UDAF or an Authorized Training Provider (ATP) that gains approval.

The UDAF takes the responsibility of ensuring that the certification standard is all-encompassing. It includes training in all state medical laws. For cultivation agents, the focus is on the cannabis horticulture best practices. For those in processing facilities, the emphasis is on cannabis manufacturing safety practices, especially those related to human consumption items. Sanitation best practices are also highlighted. Lastly, for independent laboratory agents, the certification delves into cannabis testing best practices.

Achieving this certification is a testament to the learner’s proficiency and knowledge, meeting the minimum licensure requirements as set by state regulatory boards across the United States. It’s a tool that simplifies compliance management, ensuring all operations align with the set standards. An intriguing fact to note is that this certification not only enhances individual proficiency but also aids businesses in ensuring their teams are compliant.


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Cannabis Processing Methodology

Video: 50:23 Minutes

eBook: 35 Pages

Quiz: 20 Questions

Grade: 70%+ Required

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Cannabis Industry Worker Safety

Video: 34:13 Minutes

eBook: 21 Pages

Quiz: 20 Questions

Grade: 70%+ Required

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Agent State Laws (UT)

Video: 1:05 Hours

eBook: 41 Pages

Quiz: 20 Questions

Grade: 70%+ Required

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