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Cannabis Organizations Have Hard Times Finding The "Right Talent" They Need & Talented Workers Aren't Sure Where Look Either So We're Connecting Everyone Using Our Platform With Opportunities.

We provide our "Industry Resources" to help since it can be difficult to find a job and we can NOT guarantee job opportunities or employment. With the ever-changing legal landscape, it is impossible to guarantee a job and you should question anyone who makes that claim. There's a lot that goes into getting started, but we'll ensure you're competitive so you'll stand above the "forest of people" trying to get into cannabis too. 💯

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover How We'll Simplify Your Entire Training Management That'll Cater to Diverse Specific Teams' Needs & Our Manager Portal Ensures Team Leaders Easily Manage Enrollments.

What is the Manager Portal and how can I use it?
In essence, our Manager Portal addresses the distinct challenges often encountered by HR teams or leaders responsible for overseeing compliance training. We’ve enhanced our Manager Portal’s capabilities on our platform, offering numerous new management tools. This allows you to leverage our Learning Management System (LMS) as a cost-effective alternative to pricier SaaS solutions. The Manager Portal provides your team with a cost-effective way to utilize our LMS, introducing additional payment options like invoicing and Subaccount order approvals for seamless enrollment management.

1) Setting Up New Accounts: Opt for Portal or Subaccounts

For streamlined user, permission, and access management, users can be grouped to manage features like payment methods or enrollment code permissions. This portal offers a dynamic user experience, adjusting based on the user’s role. For instance, individual learners might remain unaware of the different experiences Manager Portal users have. Our goal with the Manager Portal is to offer a comprehensive eLearning solution for SMEs and mandatory compliance management, delivering all the perks of other LMS platforms without the hefty fees.

2) Existing Accounts: Access the Manager Portal

This is just a glimpse of our Manager Portal’s capabilities. We’re continuously innovating, introducing features to manage complex registration fields, Subaccount email permissions, and offering tuition discounts for specific products, among other features.
How do pre-paid enrollments offer 20 - 40% discounts?

By purchasing single-use enrollments for your team, the Manager Portal automatically provides bulk order discounts. This means potential savings of 20 – 40% on tuition fees (or even 50% with our “Social Equity Program”) when pre-purchasing seats. This system allows for efficient team enrollment management and cost savings. A single-use enrollment is specific to a product. These enrollments cover 100% of the enrollment fees when used as an “enrollment code” during payment. Once the “enrollment code” is applied, our platform verifies the product’s eligibility for that specific code. This ensures your team’s enrollment fees are fully covered, offering tuition-free registration.

20 – 40% Off (Team Enrollments)
Purchasing Enrollments = Lower Tuition Fees + Streamlined Team Registrations
  • 5 – 25 Enrollment Quantity (20% Tuition Discount)
  • 26- 50 Enrollment Quantity (30% Tuition Discount)
  • 51+ Enrollment Quantity (40% Tuition Discount)
  • Social Equity Business (50% Tuition Discount)

Bulk Order Form

The Bulk Order form allows for swift enrollment purchases, catering to Multi-State Operators (MSOs) who often have recurring orders. This form is a default feature in every user’s Manager Portal, facilitating the creation of new orders or saving them for future reference.

Bulk Order Form

How do your single-purpose enrollment work?

You buy, your team redeems…After purchasing, you’ll receive a single-product enrollment code. Once an order is placed, it becomes accessible in the Manager Portal, where you can view orders and distribute codes to team members. They can then use these enrollment codes for payment.

How does the digital wallet feature work for team enrollments?

Keep money in the bank… Our digital wallet offers an alternative payment method, allowing managers to allocate funds easily. After depositing funds into the digital wallet, employees can use these funds to cover tuition fees. For managers, adding funds is straightforward using the wallet dashboard. This digital wallet enhances the enrollment process, making it faster and more efficient.

What payment methods are available for team enrollments?

The short answer is basically “all of them”… In short, we accept a wide range of payment methods. When you access our Manager Portal, we trust our partnership, allowing you to make purchases without immediate payment.

Team Member Enrollment Methods

  • Voucher Enrollment (via “Coupon Code”)
  • Digital Wallet (Add/Request Funding)
  • Credit Card (Payment Info Saved)
  • Bitcoin (Accepting Cryptocurrencies)

Primary & Subaccounts Payment Types

  • Invoice (Pay via Mailing Check)
  • Company Line-of-Credit (LOC)
  • Purchase Order (Needs Setup Manually)
  • Digital Wallet (Share/Transfer Funds)

Important Note: Remember, a Subaccount  will need to have their orders approved by the primary company account if the “Orders Require Approval” permission is enabled. In a nutshell, this allows the primary account users to require approval when one of their Subaccounts places an order. When configuring a Subaccount the primary company account users in the Manager Portal will see permission that controls this approval workflow (ex. “on” or “off”).

Recruit Alumni
Create a listing, then our alumni will reach out to you… Once you register for our Manager Portal, we equip you with the necessary tools for all your cannabis hiring needs. Whether you’re seeking temporary staff or experienced executives, we’re your comprehensive solution for cannabis hires. By adding your company’s “Careers Page” or website link, you can easily recruit our trained alumni, further reducing training expenses.

– Career Listings – HR Partnerships – Talent Acquisition

Our vast partner network offers the industry’s most extensive talent database. Collaborating with major cannabis recruiters and specialized staffing agencies, our network supports every step of the recruitment process.
What's the most efficient way to register teams across multiple locations?

Typically, team members register themselves. However, we recommend two primary Manager Portal strategies to simplify the process. The best approach depends on your specific needs and how you intend to use our Manager Portal.

Two (2) of the most common Manager Portal “use cases” to handle enrollments are (that we see)…

1. Multi-State Operator “Complex” Scenario (Buy & Issue)

Use Case: “Manager Subaccount” + “Bulk Order” + “Enrollment Voucher” Functionality

Manager Portal Configuration

  1. Add Manager Subaccounts: Add your management team as Subaccounts to your main business account. This gives managers the ability to purchase on the business account and manage team members’ enrollments, configure permissions, and approve orders (if applicable).
  2. Subaccount Order: Subaccounts purchase single-purpose voucher orders to then issue codes via email/QR code, etc. where learners use the “Coupon Code” to enroll. Managers can pre-pay for enrollment to get 20 – 40% tuition discounts (based on quantity purchased).

“Complex Scenario” Summary

Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive “Enrollment Codes” for registration. These codes can be shared with team members via email or a unique URL, allowing them to register using the code as their payment method.

2. Startup/Small Operation “Simple” Scenario (Share Digital Funds)

Use Case: “Add Wallet Funds” + “Share Digital Funds” Functionality (Subaccount Optional)

Manager Portal Configuration: 

– Fund Wallet: Managers can deposit funds into the “Digital Wallet,” facilitating quick enrollments for team members.

– Share Funds: Managers can either transfer funds to an employee’s wallet or employees can request funds from managers.

    • Manager Transfer: First, the employee must have a registered account on our platform, then managers have the ability to share wallet funding by looking up their employee’s account in our platform (“First/Last Name” Search ONLY for privacy).
    • Employee Request: For employees to fund their wallets from managers, they’ll use the request form to search and identify their manager who’ll receive funding requests (if approved funds will be credited) for employees to pay via wallets.

“Simple Scenario” Summary

The digital wallet offers an alternative payment method, allowing managers to allocate funds for team members to cover tuition fees. Managers can deposit funds using various payment methods, streamlining the enrollment process.

What are Subaccounts, and how can they be utilized by managers?

Subaccounts have been designed to allow multiple users under a main company profile within the Manager Portal. Every Subaccount possesses unique login details. The main company profile has the authority to manage these Subaccounts, granting them specific rights like purchasing, viewing orders, and more. While businesses often require multiple users to access an account, not all users need full access.

For example, a business might want a user to see prices but not place orders. Our Manager Portal’s Subaccount feature, equipped with customizable permissions, caters to this need, allowing for multiple users with varied access levels.

Create Subaccounts for your company and set relevant permissions per Subaccount.

  • Subaccounts: Determine who sees product pricing.
  • Permission Settings: Define who can order, view orders, etc.
  • Order Origin: Identify the individual who placed an order.
  • User Setup: Input details like name, role, contact info, and login credentials for each Subaccount.
  • Permission-Based Access: For example, a manager might be allowed to initiate an order for team training but might need the main account holder’s consent to finalize the purchase. Our system ensures smooth training management by integrating these permissions.
How does the approval process for company orders via Subaccounts work?

It’s straightforward. The Manager Portal requires order approvals for Subaccounts.

Scenario: Imagine a business profile with three Subaccounts, each representing a store branch. These Subaccounts frequently order supplies. When an order is initiated by a Subaccount, the main company profile reviews and either approves or denies it. Once approved, the order awaits payment, which the main account handles.

Subaccounts & Staff Profiles

Our Manager Portal boasts a robust Subaccount feature, perfect for employee profiles. This feature lets businesses craft Subaccounts with tailored permissions. A recent addition is the order approval feature, which mandates approval for orders placed by certain Subaccounts.

Order Placement Process:

Subaccounts order products just like any regular user. However, at the final payment stage, they encounter a unique payment option: “Awaiting Company Approval.” Instead of a standard “Place Order” button, they see “Submit for Approval.” Once submitted, the order status changes to “Pending Approval,” awaiting the main account’s review.

The parent/primary account will receive an email notification, letting them know that the Subaccount has placed an order that requires approval:

Notifications are sent to the primary account, indicating a pending order from a Subaccount. The main account can then review, approve, or reject the order via the Manager Portal. If approved, the order status changes to “Pending Payment,” and the main account can proceed with payment.

After clicking on the order, the user can see two (2) buttons for approval and rejection:

If the order is rejected, it will be canceled. If the order is approved, the order will now be a pending payment and the primary company account will see this reflected in the “Orders” area in the Manager Portal. In the “Orders” area, the account can now see the order has a “Pay” button that can be used to pay for the order:

After clicking that button, the user can choose a payment method and pay for the order:

How can I integrate my management team with Subaccounts?

However, you want… Go to the Subaccount are in your Manager Portal to add and/or remove management team members to your account. Adjust their access levels as needed. When setting up a Subaccount, you’ll need to provide login and personal details and define their permissions.

Permissions include:

  • Order products
  • View all company orders
  • Access all Company offers
  • Browse all company Purchase Lists

Email Notifications

  • Notification of required manual account review
  • Account approval confirmation
  • New order approval request alert from a Subaccount
How can I efficiently reorder enrollments or add more members to my team?

One-click wonder…On the Team Members page, leaders can effortlessly add more members. This is especially useful when introducing a new team member or when additional enrollments are required. All progress remains visible to the Team Leader.

Managing Purchase Lists:

Purchase List Management

Purchase Lists, like many other features in the Manager Portal, are integrated with the Subaccounts feature so this means that in a particular company account, Subaccounts can also have permission to view custom lists created.

  • Users can create an unlimited number of Purchase Lists
  • Users can add Purchase Lists to create new orders
  • Save past orders by clicking the “Save as Purchase List” button
  • The Purchase Lists area is added to the Manager Portal
  • Create Purchase Lists from the Manager Portal directly
  • Create and modify Purchase Lists through a product search form
  • Purchase lists can be added to an order, edited, or deleted

“Save Purchase List” Functionality

The Manager Portal also introduces a button that allows users to save their current order as a Purchase List so that it can easily be viewed or ordered again at a later time.

Subaccount & Purchase List Integration

This functionality along with other permissions can be set and managed for each Subaccount individually, so you can restrict users from viewing company Purchase Lists or allow permissions for them to use this functionality that allows for quick re-ordering. This means that in your company account, Subaccounts can also have permission to view Purchase Lists so this and other permissions can be managed for each Subaccount.

Download Purchase Lists (CSV File)

Users can download these lists as CSV files, containing item names, SKUs, and quantities.

How can I enhance our company's Line-of-Credit (LOC) limit?

You guessed it… It’s intuitive. The Manager Portal offers a Line-of-Credit (LOC) feature. Authorized users can make purchases using the LOC, up to their set limit. Access the credit tab in the Manager Portal to view credit history, replenish used credit, or buy credit for future use. If the available credit surpasses the order value, users can opt for credit payment.

Manage Line of Credit (LOC)

How It Works

Go to Manager Portal to find the Company Credit area (click here) available so can also purchase credits and reimburse previously used Line-of-Credit (LOC).

When ordering with a Manager Portal account using the credit payment gateway allows the primary company account to view how credits are adjusted by management team Subaccounts.

From the Manager Portal, you can purchase credits to add or reimburse your Line-of-Credit (LOC) so when orders are placed you’ll see how credits are added to the user’s Subaccount.

Main Features:

  • Access the Company Credit section in the Manager Portal to manage and view your LOC.
  • Monitor how credits are utilized by team Subaccounts.
  • Purchase credits to replenish or add to your LOC.
  • View all credit transactions in both the Manager Portal and individual profiles.
  • To replenish available credits, add credits to your order and pay using any method (except the LOC itself). Once the order is marked “Complete,” credits are added to the user’s profile.
How do discounts for Social Equity Program participants function?

Your 50% discount is applied automatically.… If you’ve successfully completed the Social Equity Business application and have been accepted, the Manager Portal will auto-apply your 50% discount during checkout. This dynamic rule system is highly adaptable and can be used to grant discounts for any orders placed by Subaccounts. You can approve orders placed by your Subaccounts, allowing them to manage team enrollments while benefiting from the 50% tuition discount.

How can I update invoicing billing details?

Your invoicing details can be updated automatically.… 

Our Mission

We’re Green CulturED & we’re on a mission. It’s simple, but a VERY powerful mission: We will train 1,000,000+ individuals over the next five (5) years on everything there’s to know about cannabis that’ll ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk & increase profitability.

If we achieve this mission, we will create 100’s of 1,000’s opportunities for individuals that will add BILLIONS to the global economy. That’s a big deal! It’s an important mission & we’re “radically committed” since we believe it will change the world, yet we need help.

Why? We do this because we believe this industry is the most challenging, interesting & rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for YOU. In the end, it’s our community that matters. We do our best  learning together so… if you share our vision, let’s get started!

Learning Experience

Our LMS Platform Integrates Gamification Into Your Learner Experience That'll Award Badges, CEU's, Certificates, Points & "Learning Credits" Where You'll Get PAID ($$$) To Learn About Cannabis.

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  • Experience Point 1 for successfully pass a quiz 1 time
  • Experience Point 1 for share any url on any social network 1 time (limited to 1 per hour)
  • Experience Point 1 for claim any time-based reward 1 time (limited to 1 per month)
  • Experience Point 1 for comment on a post 1 time (limited to 1 per hour)
  • Experience Point 1 for get an invited user registered 1 time
  • Experience Point 1 for complete a purchase through a referral 1 time
  • Experience Point 1 for complete the 100% of your profile
  • Experience Point 1 for reply to a topic 1 time (limited to 1 per day)
  • Experience Point 1 for join a group 1 time (limited to 1 per day)
  • Experience Point 1 for create a new topic 1 time (limited to 1 per day)
  • Experience Point 1 for create a new forum 1 time (limited to 1 per month)
  • Experience Point 1 for register to website through a referral 1 time
  • Experience Point 1 for change profile avatar 1 time

Learning Credits

6 Learning Credit Awards

  • Learning Credit 1 for complete a course 1 time (limited to 1 per month)
  • Learning Credit 1 for complete a purchase through a referral 1 time
  • Learning Credits 30 for reach 100 referral sales
  • Learning Credits 300 for reach 1000 referral sales
  • Learning Credits 3,000 for reach 10000 referral sales
  • Learning Credits 30,000 for reach 100000 referral sales

Platform Roadmap​

Great Solutions Require Community Collaboration That'll Have Impacting Results so Our Platform Roadmap Showcases Upcoming Features That We'll Implement via "Ideas" You'll Add & Ones Most-Voted.