Grow Your Brand, Earn 30% Commissions, Access Each Others' Audiences, and More to Engage Your Ideal Community.

Our Partner Programs Are Perfectly Suited As Your "Next Big Thing." If You're Making An IMPACT In The Industry, Create Brand-New Revenue ($$$) From Awesome Partnerships (Like You + Us).

Made For: Brands, Affiliates & Resellers

Partner Programs

Whether You’re a Beginner Looking for a Place to Start or a Seasoned Industry Pro Looking to Up-Level Your Skills, We Have Everything You Need to Get Cannabis DONE the Right Way, the Very First Time.

Partnership Opportunity

We’re That "Dream Partner” You’ve Needed… We Provide the Tools. We Provide the Systems. We Provide the Support. You Market. You Sell. You Promote. Then YOU Get the Credit & Keep All the Profits ($$$)!

Brand Partnerships

Looking for your next great hire? Add yourself to our network and we’ll help you showcase your brand to ATTRACT the very best from our expert talent pool. Our alumni careers start here, they ask us about jobs and how to build their network.

Share what you have to offer and join the conversation with 1,000’s other cannabis industry PROS when you join our brand partnership network. Our network is growing every day and it’s how our audience can find their perfect partner for themselves.

If you’re looking for a turnkey way to generate additional revenue from our audience, then a partnership is a great way to work with us! We’ll strategize with you 1-on-1, which is ONE thing that differentiates our partnership from others in the industry.

"Helping Catalyze Our "Cannabis-Loving" Community That'll Make an Empowering IMPACT 100% Around Their Mission"

"Receive Full-Ride Scholarships When You Become An Ambassador + Sharing Us Increases Your ODDS For Monthly Performance Bonus"

Ambassador Program

Earn 30% recurring Ambassador commissions for as long as your referral remains your customer. Our VALUE-first philosophy has been a source of our success over the years so dig through our platform to learn about cannabis and find the best content for you.

When you join, you’ll learn how to GROW your business while finding opportunities to generate more income. Do you have a favorite blog post, training, or piece of content that helped you learn? Then you have something to share by being an Ambassador.

Ambassadors get to BENEFIT from all of our follow-up campaign efforts, and last time we checked we’re pretty good at those, that turn the traffic, leads, and trials into paying customers. Simply use our content to provide your audience value and we’ll do the rest.

Certified Partner Program

More businesses with existing sales teams are becoming Certified Partners with us to help grow their business and accomplish their goals. So whether you are looking to SCALE your revenue by using your current business to expand upon that same success.

We’ll take the modern learning environment to Business-to-Business (B2B) enablement and beyond. Monetize your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via API’s and state-of-the-art multi-tenant functions supporting mass adoption from your existing SaaS user base.

Certified Partners are looking for a turn-key way to generate MORE income via existing clients, this will be the “dream opportunity” you’ve been looking for. We’ll provide up-to-date solutions for you to systemize into your sales process and grow income ($$$).

"We're Making True Impacts (NOT Just ‘Giving-Back’) That Builds a Legitimate Competitive Advantage"

Competitive Advantage

Not to Brag, BUT as a Total eLearning Solution That’s Specifically Made for Cannabis, You’ll Find Our Training & Certifications Are Widely-Recognized so You’ll Find That We’re Pretty Good at Promoting.

Sales Pipeline

Leverage all of our done-for-you marketing collateral, turn-key email templates, PowerPoint slide decks, etc. along with your listing displayed in our partner network directory to fill your sales pipeline & KEEP it full.

Convert Clients

We offer a very wide range of “plan levels” that will always fit any individual and/or business so you’ll simply DEPLOY our industry-wide recognized proprietary solutions that are proven to convert clients.

Retention Rate

Build a “walled garden” around your best clients by offering a TOTAL eLearning solution that’ll provide them everything they could have ever “dreamed of” & that’ll provide a “monopoly” on your client base.

Value-First Partner

We have a value-first philosophy that has been a source of growth over the years & after partnering with us, all you need to do is use our content to provide VALUE to your audience & we’ll do all of the rest.

Increase Authority

Get your team certified to increase their authority within the cannabis industry… people in their network will see LinkedIn badges & digital certificates that’ll HELP establish trust & ease all those worries.

Passive Income

White-label all of our solutions to “SaaSify” your business using our training & certifications to ADD passive recurring income ($$$) to your business… profit by increasing average customer lifetime value.

Our Mission

We’re Green CulturED & we’re on a mission. It’s simple, but a VERY powerful mission: We will train 1,000,000+ individuals over the next five (5) years on everything there’s to know about cannabis that’ll ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk & increase profitability.

If we achieve this mission, we will create 100’s of 1,000’s opportunities for individuals that will add BILLIONS to the global economy. That’s a big deal! It’s an important mission & we’re “radically committed” since we believe it will change the world, yet we need help.

Why? We do this because we believe this industry is the most challenging, interesting & rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for YOU. In the end, it’s our community that matters. We do our best  learning together so… if you share our vision, let’s get started!