Plant Horticulture



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Cannabis Horticulture

Growing quality cannabis takes a great deal of care and effort, regardless if you grow it indoors or outdoors. It is important to have a solid grasp of horticulture principles as they relate to growing cannabis before you set out to grow. You will learn the foundations of cannabis horticulture such as growth stages, nutrients, light, and more.

Our Cannabis Horticulture training offers you vital information about providing the most optimal conditions for your plants no matter where you grow. A successful indoor growing environment does require an investment of time and money to get right, but your plants will thrive with a little effort. Growing outdoors requires less setup, but the conditions are difficult to manipulate.

You will spend plenty of time studying the growth stages of the cannabis plant in this training. After that, we explore reproduction methods that work best for cannabis plants. You will have a strong understanding of cannabis development, reproduction, and optimal growing conditions upon the successful completion of our Cannabis Horticulture training.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the best lighting systems to meet your growing goals
  • You will explore the most common challenges faced by new horticulturalists
  • You will learn the stages of growth of the cannabis plants
  • You will master growing and maintaining mother plants and clones
Cannabis Horticulture


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Cannabis Horticulture

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