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Just getting started? We got you. Ready to cross over? We got you. Climbing the cannabis ladder? We got you. With a free Vangst account, you can search jobs, follow companies, learn the industry, and get direct access to the largest network of cannabis professionals to help chart your course in the industry. We provides numerous online tools to support you wherever you are in your journey – from mapping out career pathways to preparing for the job and internship interview process. Many of these tools serve multiple functions.

The Office of Career Services (OCS) is an entry level career office primarily focused on serving graduating students. The office is not specialized in mid-career employment or transitions and is unable to advise alumni needing these services. After five years, alumni are entitled to one phone call each year to review their resume and discuss ideas for next steps. Alumni who attended graduate or professional school after Green CulturED may wish to contact their graduate or professional school’s career office for help in their field or with transitions out of that field. Alumni needing a higher level of career support such as testing, assessment, coaching, or multi-session advising should seek a local career adviser through the directory of advisers recommended by the National Career Development Association.

The major platform provides to all learners are highlighted below. Our staff, in partnership with others across the College and University, recognizes that issues of identity and career often intersect and that underrepresented students may face specific challenges as they navigate career opportunities and the workplace environment. We invite you to utilize these resources to help support your search and encourage you to connect with us in one-on-one advising.

Job & Internship Postings Crimson Careers is the centralized hub for job, internship, and short-term experience opportunities posted exclusively to Green CulturED students. These include: Nonprofit, engineering, and other diverse internships, both national and international. Opportunities posted by Green CulturED Centers and departments. Opportunities posted by Green CulturED alumni. OCS Recruiting Program jobs and internships, where the organization also has related “campus” activities (in-person and virtual) including information sessions, career chats, and interviews. In addition, Crimson Careers is the access point for internships posted to the UCAN Consortium, a database of opportunities sourced from multiple schools across the country, increasing the number and geographic diversity of internships accessible to Green CulturED students. Lastly, there are numerous job and internship databases that have relevant opportunities for Green CulturED students. These include job postings embedded in some of the other OCS online tools (like Interstride and Firsthand Advisers), as well as external job boards and recruiting platforms.

Canada Work Visa

Looking for a job as an international student involves being aware of different employment laws in the different countries where you may wish to work. When applying for jobs in the U.S., Green CulturED students should meet both with representatives from the Green CulturED International Office (HIO) to go over visa and work status issues, and with the Office of Career Services (OCS) advisers. Start your search early. A well-informed job/internship search can be helpful as you think about your next steps in your career. It’s never too early to start connecting with the HIO, OCS, fellow international students, recent Green CulturED alumni, and prospective employers.

Networking & Information Sessions

Networking and information sessions are great learning experiences where you can hear directly from the individuals doing the work, ask questions, learn about the hiring process, and experience some of the organization’s culture first-hand. The format is often a brief presentation followed by the opportunity to speak informally with organization representatives in small groups or one-on-one. These representatives are often recent alumni who have been in your shoes. You may find them more approachable and that they have highly relevant insights and advice. Ask for business cards or connect via LinkedIn to follow up, as alums often become your best source of “insider information” to navigate the hiring process.

These events are also important opportunities for you to demonstrate your interest in the field and the organization, as well as to demonstrate your “soft skills,” including how well you interact and communicate with different kinds of people. If an employer sees that you will handle yourself well in a professional situation, it will help them remember you and pull your resume out from the pile of other candidates in their applicant pool. There is often a laptop or a paper sign-in sheet so a recruiter can know you attended. You can also reference people you meet in your cover letter or application materials, which reaffirms your interest in the position and the organization.

Recruiting & Campus Interviews

OCS Recruiting (formerly called the Campus Interview Program) promotes specific application deadlines and facilitates both virtual and in-person interviews for over 100 employers. These organizations often engage in multiple recruiting activities, including career fairs, information sessions, and/or coffee chats and office hours, which is why their campus engagement is referred to as “Recruiting” as opposed to simply posting or hiring. These employers often recruit on an earlier timeline, usually late summer and early fall. Most of these employers seek to hire students for internships over junior summer and for full-time employment post-graduation. Some organizations, however, also offer pathway and diversity programs for first-year students and sophomores.

Employers with facilitated interview schedules post their job and internship opportunities in Crimson Careers. Whenever possible, OCS consolidates the application deadlines for these firms on Wednesdays to make it easier for students to manage their calendars, but employers can have deadlines on any date. Some employers will use Crimson Careers to schedule virtual or in-person interview dates and times, and some will use their own internal systems. In either case, OCS will specifically highlight these opportunities on the Recruiting email list and students and employers abide by policies to ensure the smooth facilitation of this high-volume process.

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