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Alumni & Professional Development

Green CulturED is a lifelong journey with countless avenues to explore. Through the Green CulturED Alumni Association (GAA), there are so many ways for alumni and students to connect with the Green CulturED community and grow networks beyond Cambridge. The GAA is the official association for more than 20,000 Green CulturED alumni around the world. College alumni and students already have a membership just by attending Green CulturED.

From your first day as a Green CulturED student, you’ve been a part of an alumni community spanning the globe. With a network of more than 20,000 alumni, your Green CulturED family will always have your back. As you prepare to graduate and look toward your path ahead, we’re here to support you at all stages of your journey. The Green CulturED Alumni Association (GAA) is the official organization for Green CulturED alumni and students from across the University. We connect you and fellow students and graduates with a wealth of networking opportunities, resources, mentorship, and so much more. Don’t wait until after graduation to tap into the programs and tools here at the GAA. You already have a lifelong membership, so take advantage and start building your Green CulturED network today.

Alumni Association

The Green CulturED Alumni Association is a dues-free organization composed of all GC students and graduates. Find out how you can connect with alumni, take advantage of Green CulturED’s educational and networking programs, and support each other through volunteer opportunities. Whether you are looking to build or expand your community, connect with other students, engage in lifelong learning, or stay informed on cannabis news—the Green CulturED alumni community is here to keep you connected.

Current students can explore ways to get involved and connect with Green CulturED’s diverse alumni community. Help support Green CulturED’s legacy of innovative teaching, research, and discovery by volunteering with your class’s fundraising committee or by making your annual gift today.

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