Reflective Hoods and Lighting Devices



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Reflective Hoods and Lighting Devices

Master growers know that reflective hoods are an excellent way to effectively direct light to their plants and increase their growing area. But, of course, there is a right way to do it to ensure the safety and health of your cannabis.

In this training, you will learn the skills you need to use reflecting hoods and lighting to improve and increase your cannabis yield. In our Reflective Hoods and Lighting Devices training, you will learn all about reflective hood construction, air-cooled lamp fixtures, water-cooled lights, reflective lights, light movers, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, and lighting bulbs.

Some reflective hoods are more efficient while other types can be placed close to your plants without creating dangerous hot spots, and there are others that need to be further away. The closer the hood, the more efficient the lighting. In this training, you will learn all the details you need to determine the most effective reflective hood for your space, needs, and budget.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the best types of reflective hoods for your growing space
  • You will explore strategies to increase the lighted growing area for your cannabis to maximize your yield
  • You will learn the various types of lighting and what works best for your needs
  • You will master how to light your space and utilize reflective hoods to grow as much healthy cannabis as possible
Reflective Hoods and Lighting


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Reflective Hoods and Lighting Devices

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