Worker Protection Standard Certification (EPA)



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Training Time: 3:00 Hours (Average)

Enrollment Duration: 90-Day Access

Credential Issued: Badge & Certificate

EPA Authorized: PENDING

EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

Authorized: Green CulturED has been approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide our Worker Protection Standard (WPS) (Approval: #PENDING) that aims to reduce pesticide injuries in cannabis cultivation operations.

Our Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Certification provides cannabis-specific guidance to meet the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) training compliance requirements for cultivation operations with WPS rules. All cultivation workers must be trained on the WPS compliance requirements if a pesticide used during horticulture has an “Agricultural Use Requirements” on the product label.

Every pesticide label will contain requirements for its training, decontamination, notification, and emergency assistance. In addition, this label will provide specific instructions and exceptions about the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required, notification of workers, and restricted-entry intervals. This WPS certification is required for all agricultural workers in the United States – including all owners or supervisors – for farms, forests, greenhouses, or nurseries where pesticides are used on any type of agricultural plant production (including cannabis cultivation).

This cannabis-specific WPS certification goes into even greater detail on how to protect industry workers since several pesticide products used by cultivation operations will have an “Agricultural Use Requirements” label. You will know if any specific product is covered by the WPS if you see the following statement in the “Directions for Use” section of the pesticide labeling area called “Agricultural Use Requirements”. When that’s the case, workers must abide by the WPS standards and any additional safety requirements that go beyond all the EPA compliance.

All “Agricultural Workers” and “Pesticide Handlers” must receive training every year on pesticide safety before they begin working and employers must keep training records for a minimum of two (2) years. Learn how this WPS requirement includes pesticides used on plants and soil or even growing mediums plants are cultivated in (“General Use” and “Restricted Use” pesticides are covered by the WPS). Our certification utilizes EPA-approved materials, training will be delivered through training videos, and must be delivered in a language they can understand.


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