Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames



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Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames

Growers who fully understand the needs of their plants and their environment successfully extend their growing season by using greenhouses, cold frames, or hot frames. When deciding on a growing structure you should first carefully analyze the building architecture plans on paper and consider how much space you have for the footprint and how many plants you can grow safely.

Simple cold frames and hot frames can be assembled from common materials like old framed window panes and hay bales. Greenhouses are generally larger and more complex. In our greenhouses and outdoor frames training, you will explore the different types of greenhouses and frames available and the benefits of each.

Learn to extend your growing season and protect new plants and seedlings. Different types of greenhouses and outdoor frames have different costs, take up different amounts of space, and have different security concerns as well. In this training, you will explore all the options and thus be able to make a well-informed decision for your growing needs.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the pros and cons of greenhouses, cold frames, and hot frames
  • You will explore the various options to extend your outdoor growing season
  • You will learn the possibilities for coverings
  • You will master the best way for you to extend your season, considering your climate and space
Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames


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Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames

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