Plant Fungi and Diseases



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Cannabis Fungi and Diseases

The best growers effectively protect their cannabis from fungus and disease. But how? In this training, you will learn about the correct nutrients, lighting, ventilation, and water techniques that are so critical to your growing success.

You will also understand the threat of common cannabis diseases and fungi after this training since they can occur both indoors and outdoors. The most important piece of a successful growing environment is prevention. In our fungi and diseases training, you will explore the best ways to prevent common fungi and disease proliferation in the first place.

Unfortunately, sometimes fungi or diseases occur even when you think you have done all the prevention you could. So just in case, we will also explore the most effective and fastest ways to battle common fungi and diseases for your cannabis plants. That way if disaster does strike, you will be prepared to help your plants make it through.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover how to maximize your harvest yield by avoiding diseases and fungi
  • You will explore the most common diseases and fungi found in cannabis plants
  • You will learn how to control and combat the most common diseases and fungi
  • You will master how to prevent common diseases and fungi in your plants
Cannabis Fungi and Diseases


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Fungi and Diseases

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