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Transplanting Cannabis Plants

Master growers know when to transplant their plants so rapid growth can continue. If not transplanted, plants can become too big for their containers, which leads to cramped roots and stunted, poor-quality plants. Learn how to successfully transplant a cannabis plant to keep your garden on track.

In our Transplanting Cannabis training, you will explore a step-by-step guide to transplanting, top transplanting tips and tricks, understand how transplanting is a traumatic experience for plants, transplanting into different growing mediums, and how to harden off your cannabis plants.

One key piece of transplanting is understanding when to begin the process. Timing is everything with cannabis transplanting. In this training, you will learn exactly when to transplant your plants. Additionally, you will understand which size containers are best for your plants at different stages, so you can keep your cannabis thriving throughout the transplant process.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the essential needs at each stage of the transplant process
  • You will explore why transplanting is traumatic and need to keep plants healthy
  • You will learn how to successfully transplant cannabis plants step-by-step
  • You will master transplanting cannabis into different growing mediums
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Transplanting Cannabis

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