Pregnancy and Medical Use



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Pregnancy And Cannabis

Women nowadays resort to consuming cannabis during pregnancy to relieve stress, anxiety, and health issues like nausea, pain, and sleeplessness. It is vital to raise awareness among women about its consumption, dosage, and outcomes with relevant evidence and proof about using cannabis during your pregnancy.

In this training, you will learn about cannabis-associated outcomes during various phases of pregnancy, the different contraindications that will happen, and the study viewpoints of patients and doctors regarding cannabis use during pregnancy. Moreover, you will explore abundant clinical research with the respective reports, observations, and results, both for and against substance use.

This training provides assistance for overall risk assessments, outlines possible maternal and child health problems, and analyses the positive or negative correlation of cannabis between sex and personal relationships. The training will familiarize you with all of the potential harm of cannabis use during pregnancy, and provide you with facts, figures, and additional information that can be used to assist women in their choices for its therapeutic use during their pregnancy.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover a number of clinical research and findings that report the effect of cannabis during the first trimester, on childbirth, and subsequent comparative studies of children up to a certain age having exposure and non-exposure to cannabis.
  • You will explore the effect of cannabis on fetus development; brain and neurodevelopment; psychological and receptive language development of a child, along with other detrimental outcomes on both pre and post-pregnancy.
  • You will acquire information essential to pregnant women regarding cannabis consumption.
  • You will have a greater level of understanding regarding the implications of cannabis on fertility, breastfeeding, sex, and relationships.


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Pregnancy and Cannabis

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