Bystander Intervention Role



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Bystander Intervention Role

ograms are being mandated in workplaces as a compliance requirement and a critical element of anti-harassment training for employees to be aware of what’s happening around the workplace to intervene.

Our non-cannabis-specific training is required by certain legal jurisdictions too (ex. California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, etc.) and this compliance program requirement applies to all organizations operating in those areas, including the cannabis industry. This training is a prosocial behavior that educates someone to be proactive in helping others by teaching about the determinants of prosocial behavior which will make them more aware of why they sometimes don’t help.

In our daily lives, there are multiple situations where some bystander intervention would be appropriate including cannabis or alcohol abuse, harassment, sexual assault or relationship abuse, and discrimination. So the majority of the time a problem could have been avoided with intervention and most indicated that they would like to learn skills to intervene. It is impossible to cover all of the possible scenarios or variables, so it is imperative to have open, honest, and very non-judgmental discussions that’ll improve the ability to always make a difference.

Learn how to have a compliant working environment that’s more likely to help in the future by raising awareness of inappropriate behaviors, increasing team motivation, help develop skills and new confidence when responding to problems or concerns. Most of the problematic behaviors always involve bystanders so this framework explains “Bystander Effects”, reviews relevant research, and will train you to intervene successfully with safe decision-making steps in the workplace.


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Bystander Intervention Role

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