Advanced Professional Selling Skills


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Advanced Professional Selling Skills

Our advanced selling skills training is presented in a way to educate all the retail dispensary staff properly so they are confident enough to guide the customers. Ultimately, our goal is to create knowledgeable “frontline educators,” so all their customers are being provided with the most accurate information and honest sales experience possible. Dispensary workers must understand difficult technical information about cannabis in order to be able to answer customer questions in a digestible way while purposefully qualifying sales and customer service tactics.

There’s a steep learning curve with sales, and nothing comes easy unless you get the basics right. This will help achieve your goals to climb the career ladder. Dispensaries must employ methods to retain customers and ensure success while selling customers the cannabis products they need in a way that is not pushy, abrupt, or manipulative. Learn sales techniques that will help customers and dispensary equally since the success of all brands begins with product knowledge.

Empower the cannabis dispensary teams with the knowledge needed to sell any products in a cost-efficient and effective manner. However, there’s a shortage of very experienced salespeople working, so there are tons of cannabis opportunities for those who learn selling skills and start lucrative careers. Discover advanced selling skills used in the industry by employing techniques that respect all “buyer types” and develop a professional sales mindset to deliver value.

You will know how to focus on customers by asking the right questions and paying attention to their needs so that you can serve them better. Whether working with experienced cannabis consumers or beginners, knowing how to make them feel comfortable talking with you while uncovering their needs or any concerns to provide an excellent customer experience that keeps their business coming back.


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Advanced Professional Selling Skills

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