Dispensary Customer Check-In



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Dispensary Customer Check-In

Learn how this checking-in process starts the moment a recreational customer and/or medical patient is ready to be checked into the dispensary. If your dispensary is only medical or only recreational, you’ll need to update your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) if there are any regulatory requirements for your business license type.

This assumes your dispensary uses a Point-of-Sale (POS) system to check-in customers using a POS system on a tablet or desktop computer and below we’ll go through the process if you’re using a tablet or desktop to process customers. If you use another system, then your business will need to update all steps to reflect your process or the legal requirements of regulators (ex. if you’re delivering cannabis or for curbside pickup).

The process starts the moment a customer or patient enters your dispensary. The customer enters the dispensary and the receptionist verbally greets the customer typically within three (3) to five (5) seconds. If there is a line to check in, say a quick greeting, possibly including information on what to do or where to wait, like “Welcome. I’ll be right with you” or “Hello. Please step in line and I’ll be with you momentarily.”

If there is no line, the customer steps up for check-in. Some regulated cannabis businesses are required to have separate check-in areas for medical patients versus recreational customers. Refer to your government regulation’s specific rules and adjust your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) accordingly.

If you have a dispensary without a separate check-in area or waiting room, write out your process for who greets customers, where they’re met, when Identifications (IDs) are checked, etc. It is recommended to use physical barriers, such as ropes, or visual cues, such as signage, to aid customers. Your goal is to never have a customer standing at the door confused about what they do next.


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